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  • Update to this. Our Jr. / Alternate guild Beyond is recruiting people under level 150 if you want to work your way up into Ureshii or need a guild home as a newcomer / lower levels. The general rules still apply in terms of being a decent and hon…
  • DarkPassenger wrote: » Yonax wrote: » Dear Nexon, Just a moment ago the news came to me that the PTS was unavailable for players in Luna and Reboot. As a fellow Luna player this made me quite sad. We went through the effort of applying for th…
  • mboes wrote: » in case anyone who doesn't live in America was thinking about making a Phantom. Have you tried the European servers? From experience playing Combat Arms EU, Australians there seem to have an OK ping.
  • Added video. I realize it can partly be because of the event, or some maps lag more than others. But there is something with Beast Tamer too, I asked a few other high leveled beast tamers on the EU server and they all experienced lag to some …
  • KingofFurries wrote: » Hmmm. it did seem like i was getting alot more lag than usual last time i trained a week ago ( i don't train very often) @slurpy forest depths (level 215, bera, ign kingfurry) Although i just passed it off as the elluna lag …
  • Same issue. Luna EU. European coders fixed bugs like these in maximum a month.
  • JushiroNet wrote: » justsomeone wrote: » the players in scania are so bored, and nexon are giving free messengers now. you can log in to see someone smega " poop, poop , poop " or " Chris go check discord". this is the level of game chat these d…
  • bumbertyr wrote: » @justsomeone im pretty active ingame . While scanias popuplation may have lessened, reboots has greatly increased , and with the recent server migration now we have eu players as well! I'd say community wise were on a good path …
  • Third Job used to be a pain back in the day too when you needed the dark crystals, and that was only for level 70. As a European, EMS was more challenging than GMS, KMS don't even have 2x coupons. You GMS people don't need to be teaspoon fed eve…