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  • Server instability megathread

    I don't know what's going on in the NA side, but the European server is doing just fine, and most Europeans have an internet speed of 30-100mb/s so it'd be really great if there Was a way not to force us to have every unscheduled server check to try check the NA servers.

    Might just be me, but I find it really inconvenient not being able to play because of it. I never had any disconnection issues, nor have any of my friends from what I can reckall. :/

    This isn't a rant toward Nexon in any means, just I want to be able to play the game when I in general don't have any connectivity issues at all :)
  • I can see the community got worse.

    JushiroNet wrote: »
    the players in scania are so bored, and nexon are giving free messengers now. you can log in to see someone smega " poop, poop , poop " or " Chris go check discord". this is the level of game chat these days. at least in scania.

    In mybckn we get this:



    These megaphones were messages posted publicly in game so I can only assume that this is acceptable because he's not banned.

    One major difference I've noticed after we got moved is that NA Game Masters seem to be on a permanent holiday. Reported hackers before, the ones I reported are still in the same map 2 days later (meso farmers).
    The NA productivity level doesn't seem to be of high standard, as under Nexon Europe S.a.r.l they usually got banned 3-4 hours after being reported.

    Luna gets away from that sort of rhetoric thanks to the existing userbase whom hold different values. Was one who tried to call out an EMS guild in a similar manner but ended up being flamed so bad he went back to the GMS server.