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  • Niightseeker wrote: » Jumballi wrote: » Strictly speaking, I was not prepared to transfer worlds, but when my guild decided to go, I had to follow. Now I don't play MapleStory for the bosses or the grind, I play it to dress up. Uh, that se…
  • Another Reboot exclusive package in the CS. This is just ridiculous. Nexon why can't you just make packages universal, regardless of what server you play on. The package is $14 each, and there's quite a few people here who would buy it if they cou…
  • xXLucyLouXx wrote: » Item type: NX Item name (English/Korean): Diamond Brilliance (Weapon), Aqua Phoenix Dress (Overall), Apricot Bloom (Hat), Swift as a Bird (Shoes), The Erda Flow (Cape) Website link (KMS: Sparkling Diamond Set): https://orang…
  • krsk wrote: » Man RIP cs update.. these hairs are so old and tired... All Stars is not exciting if we get the same old recycled hairs over and over again. As for the packages.. this is the second time Reboot has gotten a great, NEW package that t…
  • So here's a few suggestions that I hope will make into a Surprise Box or a Last Chance sale From left to right: Row 1: Yellow Layered Combo (Top), Lemon Shoes (Shoes) Blue Layered Combo (Top) Blue Sailor Skirt (Bottom) Red Sailor Skir…
  • Looking forward to the Harvest Surprise Boxes to return. Last time they were only around for 1 week http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/17285/cash-shop-update-10-12
  • You really underestimate 4 matt. If you haven't done the math to prove it 4 matt + 1 stat is almost always better than 10 all stat, even if you're at the point where you're transposing 15* tyrants into SW for gains.
  • Wind Bell Earrings, please. I don't think it was ever obtainable after Nexon discontinued purchasable permanent NX in the Cash Shop. Also, any of the Flutter Flower Knit items from this box rotation: http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/18395/updated-c…
  • Did you really think the Meso Market would suddenly lower NX rates? As you said, people were clearly buying for 1:200 ~ 1:400 before, so a marketplace for safely trading NX to meso and vice-versa wouldn't really affect the rates it was traded at. …