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  • So this fail was preceded by a stroke of good fortune when someone quitting gave me 1m mesos almost a decade ago when 1m meant something(maybe not; it was a lot to me). Shortly thereafter I had been grinding or something and someone offered to he…
  • ShadEight wrote: » Well looks like we aren't getting perm clothes. Too late to balance the jump quest now, most of us have basically done it. Now we just want perm clothes and we're not getting it. I can already predict it coming out in a su…
  • Well I finally got the bulk of the Wonderoid content out of the way. Surprising, considering how grueling it was. The wondroids and other shop items. are pretty cool but as many have stated, the rewards don't seem to reflect the effort needed to be …
  • Ah the nostalgia hits hard. I've personally been fond of Ellinia's music. Speaks to the soul and what not. It would be nice to have options to choose what music you want. In RuneScape there was an option to choose what track you wanted wherever y…
  • That's quite a shame. I was planning to use for a project of mine.
  • Everyone is saying that the steam vents were altered but I noticed no differences in B1 now than how it was before.
  • Well that's a darn shame. Looks Like I'll be skipping out on today's run. Though it's no big news that maintenances create more problems than they fix. Relatively. Hope everyone didn't incur severe losses though I'm sure it's happened. Fingers cr…
  • According to zalbagx's post on TheHoA thread addressing the same issue, the rewards given are based on the amount of entries (attempted rescues), not the amount of days participated. I myself received the 5th entry award on my 4th day. This is done …
  • Well regarding the thread topic, I do believe the difficulty could be turned down a notch. I put in several hours trying to complete this thing and I found it a bit too tedious for what the event can/will yield. Challenges are fun and I found it inf…