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  • AKradian wrote: » Optimize player experience by making everyone suffer lag, crowding, ks'ing, and spam together? No, thank you. This. Says. All. Tbh, I would rather have another World Leap event than a big server merge.
  • Fuhreak wrote: » Aggraphine wrote: » The biggest problem, I feel, is that it's still so goddamned easy to create accounts, there's very little after-the-fact verification or validation/activation required and as such the bots essentially act as …
  • Welcome CM Ghiblee! It's a bittersweet moment having you join the community while Arwoo leaves us. Hopefully you'll feel comfortable enough to stick around long enough too! I saw in another post where you responded that Spirited Away is one of you…
  • Arwoo, it was nice having you as a community manager. After watching today's livestream, it was obvious that you're going to have a hard time letting go of the Maple community. I'm sure the community feels the same way about letting you go as well. …
  • I can also confirm that this has not been fixed even after the 1/4/18 maintenance .
  • Cool videos, I enjoyed watching them. Hope to see more events and videos like these in the future.
  • Peep wrote: » This is why they needed to have caps in place to make sure population stays stable. There didn't seem to be one in place until a unintended cap was reached recently preventing some players from finishing their transfer for multiple…
  • I do not think this World Leap event was an absolute disaster. I do think the Nexon team could have done better though. They were very limited on which worlds were available to leap to. I believe Scania and Windia should have been opened up to leap …
  • Thank you Awroo! Ticket Number: 510457 IGN: Plants Server: Scania Transferring from SCANIA to BERA
  • 8/31/17, Updated the guild requirement level to join. Lyrics is still recruiting!
  • 8/19/17, recently added a guild photo onto the main post. If you are level 200+ seeking for a guild, we are still accepting new recruits! Feel free to whisper (Kelly, Updating, Heroes, or Rymwen)!!
  • Scania, Lv. 232 NL & I've been playing Maple since 2005.
    in PTS check-in Comment by Food August 2017
  • As of 7/25/17, new requirements have been added. We are always recruiting, don't be shy!
  • I am also experiencing this problem still as well, and it's been over a week since it happened. I've spoken to two GM's about this matter, they even made a ticket regarding this issue. Yet, no one has taken action upon it.