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  • I agree Yut sucks, Sucks BAD. For even spending that much time on a game, we should be rewarded with much more than that. If you actually tried to play all 10 games, that would take forever. We have enough dailies to do, with grinding. We dont need …
  • The entire Magpie Event is a waste of time, and i dont understand why ANYBODY even participates in it. Nexon really messed up this time. Can only farm like 30 coins per day from actually grinding and even that, you have to farm Emobs.. And we have …
  • Smadar wrote: » TacoLOL wrote: » This wouldn't have been an issue if Nexon removed these items WHEN THEY WERE DUPED instead of YEARS later. When an item has been a duplicate for so long, it becomes hard to tell whether it's duped or not. A…
  • i really hope so too they extend it as well! I also hope they don't open the servers until they are 100% again.
  • At this point, i think most worlds are becoming unplayable. only thing that was fixed so far was GRAZED being offline. still cant log into most channels. cant even connect to pick my player in most channels of Khaini. Cant change maps, channels, or …
  • the recent "stability issues" and bugs with the new updates is getting out of hand. Now crashing in dice game, wasting some dice and 1 of my only 5 entries a day. Cant use A/H , cash shop, change channel, go into inferno portals, or anything that c…