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  • Oh. The way he worded it it sounded like he was completely isolated in some fancy special server.
  • MatthewHKnight wrote: » foussiremix wrote: » MatthewHKnight wrote: » Honestly I trained till level 200 never had any issues this was back during 2x I even did a video just in case something happen and nothing ever did stopped using the Kanna a…
  • Stallben wrote: » Maybe it's because Maplestory hasn't had a new class come out in quite a while.. That's an exact opposite reason to not have a hype train. Why would people starved of new content/classes not be excited for new content/class…
  • pandabunnies wrote: » DeeMon wrote: » MageOfBattles wrote: » DeeMon wrote: » I don't think 458 grand is that much. At least I don't spend it on this trash. Wat. Like, 458k, 458,000. Real money. Wat. Yes? $458,000? What about it? Are…
  • but i loved crimsonwood keep I never actually did anything there but i liked being there.
  • DeeMon wrote: » pandabunnies wrote: » DeeMon wrote: » I don't get it. Just farm on another class with a pet. kMS doesn't even have mob spawn slave and they're doing just fine. Man, what a bunch of jokers. This coming from the guy who whine…
  • MageOfBattles wrote: » Woah there, Surprise style boxes are a cash item. Don't flip a lid if you don't know what you're talking about. pandabunnies wrote: » That's quite a reaction there dude. Precisly wrote: » yikes kid calm down T…
  • Stop whining. So you didn't get an event item. No big deal. Nexon doesn't owe you anything.
  • That's a fair point, but why not add a join solo option? It's not like the people who want to solo would group up with people who want to stay a group. Selfish on their part for not giving the person wanting a group a chance, but sadly that's their …
  • I was hoping to start up on Reboot and make characters on Reboot to use their link skills in the future, including Kanna's. But I've been hearing all this business of Kannas getting banned left and right over and issue with one of her skills. Are…