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  • new2ms wrote: » Alternatively, if you don't have a teleport rock, from Vanishing Journey: jump off the platform at Cave of Repose: Damp Falls to land into Chu Chu Head to Chu Chu Island: Muto's Descent and click on Muto to get dropped off at …
  • Krimlock wrote: » Lachelein Lachelein main street Portal in front of giant double door tower, climb to the top enter talk to the bird masked man and select fight lucid story. Well, how can I get to Lachelein. When I get there, I know where…
  • I am level 25. I was able to get there before. But now, the Maple Guide will not let me get there before I finish the quest. So I cannot get there to finish the quest. I was not able to find a way to walk there. How can I walk there?
  • That was not my question. I know I have not defeated Lucid. But in order to defeat it, I need to get there. I was there, doing the questline, tried to defeat Lucid, failed once, and moved back to Nameless Town. Now I do not know how to get back …
  • Then how do I pass that? They spin so quick that it is impossible to catch the arrow direction. Am I missing something?
    in Crazy Free Rune Comment by Yuvh March 21
  • So frustrating. I keep getting the blank screen. I've done everything I found here, but nothing works. The support GM wrote to me that it may be related to Windows 10. I check the log files, and they have size 0.
  • It says: "If your character’s burning status was removed, you will be able to burn a new character." My burning status was removed. How can I burn a new character? I was not able to find how to make a new bucharacter