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  • Such an annoying grind with the new Kish. My main is useless to farm on now as it's too annoying to keep track of Kish CD. I feel forced to make a Arcana Kanna farmer in order to stay efficient. Which is fine by me since Kanna is undisputed King …
  • Did a quick test with my 2nd PC Kanna. It can indefinitely keep Kishin up if actively played, but my Kishin mule doesn't have the gear to oneshot. So the people saying that their one shotting Kanna's can't keep it up is worrying. Just casting cir…
  • They've done this event in Korea already, does anyone know if theirs was cubeable? I'm more inclined to believe that they will copy and paste the weapon from KMS so if it's not possible there then it's probably not possible here. Same on the reve…
  • That's intended. Not the you're not seeing her part, but the part where she looses HP constantly. You can clear Julietta on next to no gear and in the snowfield she summons like a billion jellies for you to clear daily.
  • “Who can I talk to about my ban? Where can I turn to appeal my ban?” We encourage players to submit an appeal if they believe their ban is unjust. We stress the importance on how to properly submit an appeal for a game ban. You can do so by acce…
  • Let me break it down for you since you didn't bother to link the rest of his paragraph. So a couple weeks ago my kanna was banned due to a "delay hack being used" but i mostly use it to kish myself and do dwt and sy dailies. i looked i tried g…
  • darik wrote: » So u got banned for hacking, u admitted u were hacking yet u want an unban? O.o AND youre asking for help regarding how to use a hack on the official website of the game. Are you trolling or are you that stupid? RenjiAsuka wrot…
  • ShadEight wrote: » Frenzy totem in reboot is never going to happen. Kishin node will be half as good so most people will still continue with their mule. These 2 suggestions have already been discussed in this forum btw. Half strength Kishin nod…
  • Thank you so much Nexon. I honestly thought EU reboot wasn't going to happen. I was one of those people that asked periodically on EU reboot updates. I'm ready to start from scratch even if I invested a lot into normal server.
  • Razzan wrote: » allowing for transfers from NA to EU after X amount of ppl has reached a certain level could be a solution working for people of both opinions, for example only allow transfering level 200 characters after a certain amount of chara…