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  • Kanna Revamp Feedback + Kishin Thoughts

    Such an annoying grind with the new Kish. My main is useless to farm on now as it's too annoying to keep track of Kish CD.

    I feel forced to make a Arcana Kanna farmer in order to stay efficient. Which is fine by me since Kanna is undisputed King now. Grats Nexon you killed the 2 PC meta, but all you made people do is switch to Kanna.
  • Kanna Revamp Feedback + Kishin Thoughts

    Did a quick test with my 2nd PC Kanna. It can indefinitely keep Kishin up if actively played, but my Kishin mule doesn't have the gear to oneshot. So the people saying that their one shotting Kanna's can't keep it up is worrying.

    Just casting circle of suppression and Kishin, it's impossible to keep up if your main is also killing stuff. Without your main it's a gamble, but you would have to have a lot of mobs in range of circle to have it last longer before the CD is up again.

    All in all they managed to make Kishin a half minute cast for your main. I can easily see people do 3 Pc but that's just not worth it to me. It was already tedious to recast it every 2 minutes and now some crazy people are going to cast it every 30 seconds.

  • [Reboot] Buyable Frenzy Totem with Meso.

    I've been wondering if it's maybe possible to introduce Frenzy Totem as buyable on reboot or introduce Kishin as a node skill.
    The people are already making two accounts to play a Kishin mule and their main. Which is like twice the population and stress for a server for just one skill.

    The game is just more fun if you can kill constantly without interruption.
  • EU Reboot server

    Thank you so much Nexon.
    I honestly thought EU reboot wasn't going to happen. I was one of those people that asked periodically on EU reboot updates.
    I'm ready to start from scratch even if I invested a lot into normal server.