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  • While I agree with some of your points, imagine thinking that anyone who farmed familiars is an "exploiter" and that only people who didn't invest time into farming familiars are "legit." Like might as well ban every end-game player.
  • Lol good joke. Pretty sure OP is trolling forums.
  • Thinking there are a few options Nexon could consider here. 1) Red familiar cards in Reboot. 2) Increase drop rate for common and/or rare and/or epic familiar cards. 3) Adjust familiar system (e.g. less points needed to rank up, less trash line…
  • It blows my mind that people are really complaining about maple tour and the F2P integrity of Reboot when the game is barely even playable with botched DMTs and server lag more often than not. Like I would gladly pay to win in Reboot at this point i…
  • We don't know if those events are coming back, but it is pretty clear that Nexon is making changes to move closer to Nexon Korea's game-state (which has never had pottable badges). I doubt it's going to happen, but no one really knows at this point.
  • Let me preface this by saying that I was one of the people making posts defending Nexon after the last DMT fiasco. I felt at the time that their oversight on the issue was understandable and that at the very least they had tried to communicate with …
  • TurtlesRock wrote: » GAMBlT wrote: » Whether or not you agree with not having unlimited cube sales is irrelevant. Every other DMT has had a cube sale except for this one, but it's irrelevant? For any player who isn't brand new to the game, th…
  • Once again, it is not Nexon's fault if people already used their cubes. On the topic of cube sales, it seems obvious to me that Nexon is moving towards not having unlimited cube sales and this really has nothing to do with the issue they are comp…
  • I just hope that this discussion yields a LOGICAL solution. Like if the problem was that DMT on Reboot was basically unplayable, I would think the solution should be to have another DMT which is playable. People who are suggesting compensation with …
  • Let's see how many quotes we can fit into a quote.... You know what to do. This is gonna be a nightmare. Oh dear god, this is going to be problematic eventually. we'll probably eventually hit a point where the thread will have to be closed, think o…