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  • I agree, Kanna right now needs some improvements. Kannas do not have enough IED to do bosses, I suggest a passive that gives all Kannas 50% IED. One problem is that kanna's domains do not stack, spirit domain should stack if there are more than one …
  • I really hate slippery slope arguments, he mentioned bonus potential, nothing about trading or scrolling. Arguing against something a group of people said that the person in question has not stated makes you look overly aggressive and not a person …
  • People talking about wanting the game to be "pre-Big Bang" always felt very selfish to me. Their vision of "pre-Big Bang" many times, was when they played, and what satisfies their own nostalgia rather than the whole 4+ years it lasted. Was it when…
  • He has trouble articulating his thoughts, likely due to the language barrier. In short, he believes that Kishin is required to progress, which is true for end-game. I have doubts that there exists a player who has managed to acquire an Arcane weapo…
  • I know arcane droplets drop regardless of level, but expecting someone to grind in Arcana at level 25x for them and receive reduced mesos is asinine, especially when mesos are the most important progression currency in reboot. What I'd like to see i…
  • There really should be a "penalty cap" at level 240 or 250, where someone who is over 250 is still considered a level 250 when it comes to meso drops. I don't have a Kanna to farm, I don't want to make one, nor do I have a second PC for one. Fury to…
  • I grinded to 235 via solo progression on reboot without a second PC for kishin. I felt more and more demoralized after seeing massive difference in meso/exp with and without Kishin. Lately, I've been finding kannabot hot spots, and simply grinding …