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  • End of a long nostalgia trip

    Originally I wanted to write a long story about my past pre-bb experiences in maple story, but I did that on other topic and this would be long enough. In 2016, I was bored and decided to start up Maplestory again after 7 years, I did not expect myself to be making a real effort towards this game, and named myself 'whaddaef', not realizing that dumb name would stay with me forever (not spending 15$). I got to 200, quit, came back a few months later, hit 206, quit repeat 6 different times until June of 2019, where I came back at level 240 because fury totems were released. By then I've been playing reboot on and off for nearly 3 years. It was then that I also wanted to go "endgame" and made a Byebye Kanna, named 'ByeByelol", a name fitting for the farming I would be doing on that character, and what is to come. The character was made during the 2019 burning event in July, and with that Kanna I managed to farm nearly 175 billion within 3 months. My main, an Evan, also hit 253, though I only farmed 94 droplets by then, still with the relatively stupid name. With the 5/10/15 event coming up, I wanted to farm up more mesos, I had several items that needed to be upgraded. I started feeling like a day not spent farming at least 2 billion was not a successful day in-game. I spent all my mesos on the late September starforce event, and by october 30th, I accumulated nearly 40 billion.

    On the night of October 30 (though technically 6 hours after the reset) I went and did what I did every day, die at aliens to continue farming. Except this time it went too fast and I triggered the dreaded autoban (30-days) and assuming it was suiciding too quickly. At first I felt nothing, like it hasn't kicked in, I quickly made a ticket then felt sick for an hour, I did not expect this to happen to me, I've seen other people claim innocence but always assumed guilt (more on that is on my reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/dp2t13/i_thought_a_lot_of_people_who_were_banned_were/ ). The ticket got denied, appealed, and got denied, and to add insult to injury, they stated that the ban was now permanant (though in-game it still states 30 days, maybe not updated). It was then I realized, I started to get addicted once again, in a similar fashion I had 12 years ago, I thought I was a regular player who could stop at any time, but being physically sick for an hour after being banned and in shock made me realize that.

    Of course people would mimic my mentality a month ago, that I must have been hacking, but I posted some evidence on reddit and could post more if requested. However, the most insulting thing is that it hasn't even been a week since I won the community contest, took a week from feeling happy that I won, to being both confused, and somewhat angry at how dismissive and/or ignorant the customer service was (and yes, I've read the horror stories about it). Information about the ban itself is on the reddit post, I do not know if the actually went through and upped the ban to a permanent one, I do not care, I've been with this game on and off since 2005, but I think that is enough, the way I could lose everything, and be utterly helpless is something I do not wish to experience in a game, life has some of that.

    Tl;dr, got false banned, ending ties with a game thats been in my mind for 14 years.

  • GM should add additional potentials on reboot

    I really hate slippery slope arguments, he mentioned bonus potential, nothing about trading or scrolling. Arguing against something a group of people said that the person in question has not stated makes you look overly aggressive and not a person people would want to debate/talk to.
    That being said, in my opinion is that bonus potential would make reboot too powerful, but as of now they need a small boost to make the black mage feasible; 'harder' is an empty word if the task is 'impossible' for reboot.
  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    He has trouble articulating his thoughts, likely due to the language barrier. In short, he believes that Kishin is required to progress, which is true for end-game. I have doubts that there exists a player who has managed to acquire an Arcane weapon or attaining 40k+ stat in Reboot without utilizing a Kanna in any way. I have a hard time agreeing with people who say you don't need a kanna/second PC to progress, it is a twisted half-truth. I reiterated my points in an earlier post, so I won't say much more, but seeing how quickly this thread devolved embodies the polarizing matter that is the Kanna class.
  • Remove Meso Penalty at higher levels

    There really should be a "penalty cap" at level 240 or 250, where someone who is over 250 is still considered a level 250 when it comes to meso drops. I don't have a Kanna to farm, I don't want to make one, nor do I have a second PC for one. Fury totems solved that issue very slightly, but now I am being forced to either stay under 250 for droplets, or keep playing the game as it should be (kill stuff, level up), and never be able to get an arcane weapon until I kill hard lucid.
  • Please get rid of Kishin already

    I grinded to 235 via solo progression on reboot without a second PC for kishin. I felt more and more demoralized after seeing massive difference in meso/exp with and without Kishin. Lately, I've been finding kannabot hot spots, and simply grinding once the kannabot leaves, but the kishin effect is still in place. I switch channels every 2-3 mins to find a kannabot for a new set of kishin. I ended up getting more exp than if I just stayed in one channel and grinded like how the game is supposed to be played. During my 220-230 time, I grinded in the black mage event maps, searching for a Kanna that has a kishin effect up on the map; that was the only time I felt motivated to gain exp. Kishin is brutally demoralizing for someone who wishes to enter mid-late game, but has no access to it. I do not wish to see it nerfed/removed, but rather given to players who do not have access to it. There is much to debate about it, but this is how I feel about it; a demoralizing ability to those who do not have access to it.