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  • the nerf to kanna was not necessary .. it was simply to disable it for times like zero and bt in creation, 2nd to increase the respawn of mobs, simple ... 3rd a good technical maintenance of the game .. minimum 3 days to 5 days ... (remember this ha…
  • ok ... u have windows 10 or win 7 ? win 10 is ridiculus due to the uptades and slow for up anyones games ... but try to restore system first step
  • not only am I disgusted by these memos ... a lot of people alike ... if ubisoft has the worst game producers and technical service .... maplestory is another ...... anna, you want to improvise your game better? ok ... delete Kanna, Fury totems and f…
  • yours are crazy ?? nerf kishin again ! and bt ...... jesus .... FIRST THE player normals and not kanna wouldnt have kish,frenzy totem ,the ring of torment firestarter ring,breath of divinity ok ... I am not going to spend money on a very bad game …
  • Ghiblee wrote: » Hello, We are aware of the recent server lag and disconnection and are in the progress of investigating the issues. Hoping it can be addressed soon for all the affected worlds. fix all the game , too the high consume of memor…
  • a few hours of the maintenance for the love of God ... fix once this problem that is years old and has increased every time with each maintenance and bad updates with bugs, lag, crash etc just playing maplestory my cpu explodes ... other games run…
  • ok en primer lugar no hablo bien ingles , tengo entendido que este foro es en ingles pero tengo un malestar enorme y no solo yo , mucha gente tambien y respecto al problema enorme de lag en el juego a hoy en dia , este problema tiene años y mas cu…
  • WONDERGUY wrote: » AaronHusky wrote: » shove half the game's population into one server and force them compete for less available maps, adjust to a new market, and deal with any other consequences that come with a server merge. That'll piss…