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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    not only am I disgusted by these memos ... a lot of people alike ... if ubisoft has the worst game producers and technical service .... maplestory is another ...... anna, you want to improvise your game better? ok ... delete Kanna, Fury totems and furys?! ..., and Frenzy Totem and just improve spawn rates overall ok and ready ..but this will never suit the company. that if a revamps to the kanna without kishin and other classes, for the non-progress of the players. The lvl cap is I think 360lvl. god I don't want that to think about all the changes and ridicules on the way after

    when a character leaves the area where he is training, it will be reset until a next player enters .. very simple . oh very lazy for great staff to perform these simple steps.. and other ideas for a game and solve all the problems that maplestory has today ... each maintenance is a disaster today and many players maintain that hope that every problem in the forum, in reedit, or on another platform, the technical service, producer or staff member will help the game in general, but no ... I am not kanna main but when I read these memos and the damage without anything new .. they are not sincere, this last memo caused many kanna players and other players to leave the game for this type of news that in the end we will see more and more nerfs with no solution to their community

    are these changes good today? not really, because there are worse problems than writing a memo and mentioning that a skil or job is the cause of the instability of the game ... is a job a skill really that? or everything in general in technical problems

  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    yours are crazy ?? nerf kishin again ! and bt ...... jesus .... FIRST THE player normals and not kanna wouldnt have kish,frenzy totem ,the ring of torment firestarter ring,breath of divinity ok ... I am not going to spend money on a very bad game ... bad in maintenance ... and because a producer always comes up with ridiculous things to improve the game experience when he is most sent to the abyss with these ridiculous changes, once they go out and talk that in the near future the skil kishin will be removed from the game and ready ... and with other ridicules, I am not going to spend 200 dollars for a frenzy totem or more. for a divine liberty ... 500 dollars or 70 for a fs and incidentally buy ridiculous items or events where money is sugar for you but do not think about the progress of the player, in those who have no money in this game .. because no better anna goes home and thinks better about how to improve her game system. the bad maintenance that every week is worse. in this pathetic game launcher compared to the old, ridiculous memos ... nobody sees improvement ... the family system a joke ...

    now they talk about stability ... another ridiculous joke ... all these server problems come from before the big bang and worse after this to today, what solution was there? nothing ... 0 .... 0 ... but if ... they were unjustified ... removing nostalgic places from the game ... they eliminated hidden street places alleging that these places caused damage to the stability of the game years ago. remember ? I think not ... the technical service today? mmm, just when people due to this virus are returning to the game .... these antics and nerfeos and changes in the family system appear .. in bosses ... in bosses it is the most ridiculous thing .. no exp .. no more than 2 tickets per day ... drop low ... etc etc, having better options such as revamps blasters, mercedes, demon avengers, thunder cygnus and some more jobs ... no ... nexon never looked for the progress of all ... only those with $$$$$$$$$. the job kanna causes instability .... and other nonsense ... this kind of ridiculous memo has had consequences in the last hours, people withdrawing from the game and eye .. memos like these will appear and worse later, it should not be ignorant the skill kishin will be finally removed from the game and the kanna job will have a new revamp but without it
  • Lag in Elysium

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    We are aware of the recent server lag and disconnection and are in the progress of investigating the issues.
    Hoping it can be addressed soon for all the affected worlds.

    fix all the game , too the high consume of memory leak ! manys post in diferents forums of this problem not have fix to today by your, each event and uptade are terrible ! remove blackcipher and nexon launcher ! back the old game launcher and pls fix the consume of memory huge ... is a game 2 d others games run normal , many people have this problem too to today
  • merging of paid servers

    WONDERGUY wrote: »
    AaronHusky wrote: »
    shove half the game's population into one server and force them compete for less available maps, adjust to a new market, and deal with any other consequences that come with a server merge. That'll piss people off enough to make them leave the game for sure

    if thats not selfish to only care about maps and market i dont know what it is and lag that its allready there lol
    you ignore the point that they can allready be in any active non-reboot world they want (just not leting them to have their years long of progress) again selfish
    you cant control population like that ,new players wont make acc in dead world
    are you going to call them idiots aswell if they dont move to other world "because you own the active one and economy in it "?

    the one that did not merge/transfer on time moved to reboot for fun or quit
    and the last few players hope still they will get moved out of dead world

    you allready got 20 of each map as a option top 3 maps are allready taken by 60 players ( 1% of the player base)
    players allready "camp" 24h before 2x to take map
    so dont know what you argue about competetion for map in thread about players stuck in dead worlds
    there is other threads for that issue and for those that dont want compete
    Your "dead" worlds are dead because everyone moved to a much more convenient platform to communicate

    what are you talking about ? people left the worlds they are turned to ghost towns has nothing to do with communication tools lol
    there is time of the day where are not enough people and things that get cancelled like for flag/ursus...

    and again if you want to be in dead world in MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) let it be but let other move out and be able to do events and things with other

    good argument and critic (Y)