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July 24, 2001
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  • To get your own design implemented in the game by chance your best choice will be to wait until the next hair and face design contest is hosted! (Mostly on the Official Maplestory Discord Server). Once one is getting hosted you can submit your entry…
  • Certain cash shop purchases are restricted, meaning you can only purchase them with a character over level 60. This is intended to be this way.
  • My Kanna guildmate also DC's a lot since the last patch, especially in the event maps. We forwarded the issue and it will hopefully be looked into as soon as possible.
  • Check in your Task manager how high the CPU usage of Maplestory is as soon as you enter, it might be too high which results in a crash. You might as well try the usual as in a full shutdown of your computer.
  • IGN: Aurore World: Luna Short description of what your character is wearing: Yellow Flower Headwrap Red Turtleneck Sweater Cowboy Pants Yellow Chick Shoes Dreaming Dandelion Butterfly Label Ring Blue Shooting Star Ring Transparen…
  • ''What is a Discord? Can you eat it?'' - Escalade Since when is Escalade a GM? Nexon, there are many things you have to tell us. Seems like he has to make a Discord Icon for the Maplestory Discord but has no clue what to do or even what ''a Di…
  • IGN: Aurore World: Luna Short description of what your character is wearing: - Blue Love Bonnet - Blue Love Dress - Blue Rose Parasol - Crystal Cat Star Cape - Transparent Eye/Face Accessory - Transparent Gloves and Shoes - ''Iceb…
  • imgur.com/a/pL4aZ IGN: DatLightGurl World: Luna Description: - Chicky Suds Hat - Nom Nom Oz - Transparent Eye Accessory - Oversized Oxford - Transparent Shoes - Transparent Gloves - Chicky Pile - Bubbling Shot - Blue Shooting Star …