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  • This theoretical server would have a population roughly equal to Reboot's. If they've been so resistant to giving the overpopulated Reboot more channels do you seriously believe they'd do it for this?
  • I'm struggling with the single entry per day. It's really frustrating to lose a run due to severe lag (which is becoming more common) and not have another chance to go back in. It artificially extends the time needed to obtain Gollux gear beyond wha…
  • People pay thousands of real dollars to get one of these things. It's insane.
  • Kaiser4Ever wrote: » nope cause maplestory suppose to be a multi player game with a high amount of players Reboot is widely agreed upon to be overcrowded, so a single server with a resulting population that is higher than Reboot's is definite…
  • Nobody has really talked about this but I think it's important. Why can Basic Gollux scrolls only be purchased with regular coins? People who are working towards killing hard gollux (which has more HP than pre-nerf hell) would only be able to use…
  • AaronHusky wrote: » I don't think Ghiblee is the one we should be pointing pitchforks at. The person we should be waiting for a response from is Anna, the current director of GMS. She's (Anna) the one who makes the memos that give more info about …
  • I think it's too soon to conclude that more world alliances are needed. Viable alliances in my opinion (note that referenced populations are rough estimates from a certain site) along with ratios: 1) All four servers in a single alliance. The res…
  • I use the launcher and that pop-up frequently freezes my game. I DC'd at one point while training, and when I logged back in that pop-up almost killed me.
  • I like the ideas of the new system but the execution is awful. Drop rates for every familiar are way too low, which makes unlocking badges or earning familiar points too tedious for most people to spend time on. The sets with monsters that don't exi…
  • As others have mentioned, the real tragedy of the revamp is the badge system, and the following emergency patch made it much worse. Acquiring 10 badges for the third familiar slot isn't feasible for many reasons.. Acquiring the 8 badges with your fa…
  • The storage thing is so arbitrary and isn't even the worst thing a random could do to your account. You may as well add: PIC for any attempted item drop PIC for every cube and starforce attempt PIC for any action in the auction house that isn't…