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  • Necro-ing my own post since I don't see the point of remaking the same thread. Same issue happening today, May 8th 2022. Not surprised Nexon ignored it once and made the same mistake again.
  • Welcome Kyrios. I hope you enjoy the game as much as we all do. There is a long time loyal player base who have invested countless years (and $$$) into this game and fiercely advocate for its continued improvement. At times the passion and commit…
  • There's a famous quote that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I hope whoever is responsible for planning the next DMT will understand this and come up with something new and func…
  • Last year during this time everybody got a double mega burning, Reboot players included. So this year non-rebooters get THREE mega burning characters and up to 6 free character expansion slots. And Reboot gets a big fat ZERO. What the heck are th…
  • Depending on your class, Fox Valley is a good alternative and pretty much always has 100% burning since no one ever goes there. But there are lots of platforms so you'd need to be a class that's highly mobile with attacks that have good vertical ran…
  • It was horrible. It took 3-5 mins to cc once and then I could use 1 cube. Took me 1.5 hours to use about 23 cubes.. that's probably better than a lot of people but then again during ordinary circumstances it would take less than 2 minutes to do the …
  • I agree.. this isn't an event by any means. It's completely stressful and ruins the game experience. A full 24 hours would allow all players to actually access the game and reduce the pressure on the servers in those specific 3 hours.
    in DMT Comment by RaySummers July 2020