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  • I am also having this same issue. "This product cannot be installed. (Code: 20410)" Edit at 18:16 central time: Also saw the launcher message "v.233 Game Update Maintenance Issues" that mentions they are aware. Edit at 18:21 central time: My …
  • L4d2jpn wrote: » I just saw that post as well too. Guess that explains why it feels like nexonNA is completely out of touch with the playerbase. Everything has to go through KMS, and if it's anything that helps the players or makes particular serv…
  • Argyn wrote: » ... Because it might be brought up, a viable alternative is to swap Dreamy Belt for Superior Engraved Gollux Belt and 1 of the 2 Pendants for Source of Suffering, or swap the Dreamy Belt for Superior Engraved Gollux Belt and Superi…
  • Hello Violent2: To clarify some points: Violent2 wrote: » I think you are mistaken, my definition of RPG included 'Engaging with your character in general is the RPG aspect of the game'. The specific examples I used were specifically about M…
  • Violent2 wrote: » That's a pretty bold assertion. I believe you are wrong, because you could not have an RPG with the dialog setup in MapleStory alone. That's called a story. Therefore it is not the RPG aspect of the game. Engaging with your cha…
  • Violent2 wrote: » Pretty much title says it all. And you should not supply this forum as an alternative to rejected ticket submissions as nobody with the discretion to make changes considers the ideas presented in this forum. It is almost embarras…
  • Hello iSouvenirs, Thank you for the recommendation on using this shortcut to speed up the accessibility of the fuse item window. For my suggestion, it would really come into effect after you have opened up the Fuse Item window, in whatever man…
  • Hello everyone: I know this message is a little late and I don't mean to revive a topic that was on its way out, but the support team directed me to make a comment in this location on the matter as a response to a ticket I submitted to them... …