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  • Add SKIP button

    Hello Violent2:

    To clarify some points:
    Violent2 wrote: »

    I think you are mistaken, my definition of RPG included 'Engaging with your character in general is the RPG aspect of the game'. The specific examples I used were specifically about MapleStory, nothing to do with other RPG games that don't utilize these features. At the very base level, a RPG is happening through some engagement with your character, its a very broad definition actually, as even when you are talking to a NPC you are still engaged with your character.
    Violent2 wrote: »
    To your negative points about cutscenes, most developers making games (console or PC oriented) allow the option to skip the story despite the effort they put in. Think about a campaign mode in a console game, the story is emphasized A LOT more so than it is in MapleStory (where the story was largely introduced after-the-fact), and it is almost always skippable if you aren't playing the game for the story.
    Yes, I agree with you as seen in my analysis mentioning that many other games provide this feature, and oddly enough, can also be seen in the very game we are talking about.
    Violent2 wrote: »
    And sorry, are you implying my comments were not appropriate given the terms of this forum? I am adamantly in favour of the suggestion being made by the OP, and I'm providing my reasoning. If you have an opinion that is different from OP's, you should express it in a well thought out manner, not as a back-handed passive-aggressive remark, would you agree with that? Because there are two clear examples of that above, and there isn't any rationale, it's just simply them being rude.
    You are broadening the scope of my post to beyond its intention by taking words out of context, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify the structure.

    My post possessed 3 sections to it:

    1. A reply with quotations directly to your comments. (Individualized and specific to your post, but I will concede that I did include some statements about other posts that were not yours in the comments I had here, as my use of "thread" and "discussion" would inherently include more than one person contributing, so I am guilty of giving a broad statement when I was in a section that was structured narrowly.)
    2. My thoughts and input on the original suggestion. (Non-individualized but still specific to the subject-matter suggestion at hand)
    3. A general reminder on certain sections of the forum rules since it seemed to me multiple posts rested on the borderline of an infraction. (Non-individualized and heavily generalized message that is directed towards no one specific person)

    Once my post shifted to the original topic of the thread, it really ceased to make any individualized reference to any one person. I see no reason to explain any further on this. I have no problems with your post or the effort and input you are giving and I enjoy reading the items you post, along with your reasoning.
    Violent2 wrote: »
    1. Uhm. Ok.

    Anyway, yeah add a skip button the boss fights are painfully long and boring.

    2. I like stories.
    But I hate boss fights.
    So I think Nexon should add a "skip" button to boss fights and just give me the rewards without me having to go through the unpleasant part.
    What do you say?
    Violent2 wrote: »
    Is that really showing respect to a differing opinion, like you mentioned in your quotation about forum rules?
    Noted and commented insofar as I would like to on this matter above. See section 3 explanation above.

    As mentioned, I believe certain sections of my post are taken out of context and that may have resulted in some misinterpretation. Hopefully I've clarified this and I apologize if my desired intent was not structured well enough to convey it more clearly.

    In general, I agree with much of your thoughts on the matter, which I believe is reflected in my analysis of the suggestion.

    To re-focus back to the Subject-Matter of this Suggestion:
    I think including more "Skip this cutscene" options in the game would be nice, but perhaps with a stipulation that the user's account has fulfilled a condition precedent of already fully watching/viewing the cutscene in its entirety (Where applicable and where fast skips do not already exist inherently in the game).

    I do really like much of the story in the game, and I really have enjoyed the story telling that exists throughout the Arcane River, specifically. And while I think the stories behind Dark World Tree and Black Heaven are great, I think that the sheer length of these story arcs, when done in full (BH mandatory for Lotus), becomes needlessly tedious when you wish to raise up a second, third, fourth or more characters to this level of game play. Players wishing to do this multiple times already show by circumstantial evidence that they enjoy the game a great deal, and I think it is reasonable that when a player meets this requirement, they should be given a little bit more discretion to speed up certain non-skill based aspects of the game.

    First time through a story? I have no problem with not including this feature for story dialog or cutscene movies or other items of similar nature.

  • Suggestion: remove this category as a forum

    Violent2 wrote: »
    Pretty much title says it all. And you should not supply this forum as an alternative to rejected ticket submissions as nobody with the discretion to make changes considers the ideas presented in this forum. It is almost embarrassing, the forum is very inactive to begin with and virtually nothing worth considering has been looked at.

    - Transparent androids
    - psok for equipped nx
    - saved nodestone settings, saved key settings
    - Addressing the spawn rate problem
    just to name a few.. Your community is already small as is, surprising you guys are ambitious enough to blatantly ignore them on a regular basis.

    Hello Violent2:

    I must admit, when I first read the title of your thread my mind already trended towards this being a nonsensical posting. However, I must admit my initial suspicions were not accurate as the point you raise is one I also pondered...

    To your point raised
    I realize I have far less history and investment into these forums as others, and therefore I am cautious to discredit the value of that work by the community and the mods. But when I submitted a ticket along with a potential suggestion to correct it, it was disconcerting to me that the boilerplate responses received were that I should bring my suggestion to the forum. It certainly leaves on with the feel that you have just "shouted at the void," to quote Aggraphine.

    If I may tack on a tangential suggestion to your suggestion...
    While I'm still in the infancy stage with the forums, I think that it would go a long way if we were to see a list of the suggestions that originated from this forum and have actually been implemented into the game as a result of it coming from this forum.

    I think it would be a nice public relations project and showing if they provided a thread in which the mods could update with a running list of the ideas from the forum that were considered and implemented into the game. Being honest, even if the list was fabricated or was populated with ideas that were already slated for introduction to the game, the community's perception of having a more active involvement in the direction the game is actually something that carries great value, even if only a perception.

    Is there a chance (Of high or low magnitude) that this list would have zero entries? Sure, it is possible.

    The idea is not to have a list of implemented features, but a very specific list of implemented features that originated from a forum posting by a community non-affiliated player member. At the very least, we can see some evidence that the efforts of people here are not going to waste.

    (I do not wish to highjack your thread, but it was your thread that made me consider this idea)