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  • Penguinz0 wrote: » Ckuchillo wrote: » can you guys go and do something at aurora with the bots at showa hideout? they using mihile bots now and mofos kick u out of the game , i cant go kill the bodyguards because of this No GMs' times are to…
  • WHats your IGN?
  • Aggraphine wrote: » Aurora is... well, if we're comparing it to bera or reboot, it's not doing so hot. But it's not like it's dead and barren and you'd be the only person playing there. That said, you haven't been able to pay for a server transfer…
  • GilesXll Level 156 Dual Blade. If you want i'll come add you! It stuck me on the same server.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » As far as choosing a main goes, the only advice to be offered there is to simply try out a bunch of classes. With over 40 of the stupid things, I'm sure you'll find one that clicks just right for you. That is, unless you're …
  • If you ever find your self in Aurora add me! GilesXll! I don't know why im in Aurora or if its even populated yet but im going to find out. If not i'll just try to hop over to Bera.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » Best advice I can give is, if anything you know about the game is from greater than eight years ago, consider it to be wrong. That said, take things at your own pace, don't rush to get everything done all at once, good luck.…
  • Drakendor wrote: » Hey bud! I'm kind of in the same situation, except I didn't bother to get my old account back, so I'm starting fresh hehe. I played back in the day also, but was so noob i didn't get past like lv.60 (not for lack of trying :C). …
  • If you take picture proof and have a solid amount of evidence of whats going on nexon WILL do something. They've always pulled through for me. You just have to act right about how you decide to handle it. I think my character is in the server Bera n…