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  • well I hope that if you're legit you get unbanned and if you're not you stay banned. not sure what info they reviewed, but if it's something like 'we banned him cuz a guy had a similar ign' thats stupid af
  • Fennekin wrote: » MonsterLife wrote: » then thats a pretty negative update...it damages new players too much tbh =/ because if the drops are nerfed/untradeable then they cant sell it for meso which is kind of important in the beginning. The tra…
  • RikNL wrote: » They give indeed good rewards, Monster Collection Exploring also gives nice rewards. the point is they swap what's tradable and can be botted with untradable, while still rewarding players tradable for training.
  • [UPDATE - 6:40 AM PST] During testing of the patch, an issue was discovered that needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, this will require a delay of several hours, and we'll provide a more specific ETA and more information as we correct this issue. …
  • I find it utterly adorable how there's so many people complaining and whining. As well as calling the Nexon staff incompetent and unable to do their jobs correctly. I'm just gonna call it out as it is. For all those ragers and QQ'ers.... just shut…
  • So im guessing you guys lied about the update being on november 30th? to be fair, after a 1 hour delay, the game was up for a solid 6 minutes.
  • If I learned anything from the elections; it's that crying and making a scene does nothing but add more stress to the initial problems. Give Nexon the time they need to test and finalize the changes for this awesome game! Everyone go enjoy your nigh…
  • Hey all - You're welcome to argue / debate, but please no personal attacks / name calling. We'll provide an update soon, but please abide by the forum guidelines / code of conduct. I know a lot of people are quoting you and spamming with messages, b…
  • The number of Nexon apologists in this forum is amazing. The mental gymnastics that you people go through to defend Nexon even when time and time again they have proven to be arguably one of the most incompetent companies in the gaming industry is p…
  • I feel like you need to grow up a bit more. If anything you're the flamer here since most people are articulating their displeasure with the company's performance. You on the other hand are doing nothing remotely considered productive. This " flammi…
  • without giving an exact time, can you give us an estimate how long it will be minimum? He literally said there is no ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) meaning they do not know. Thank you for sharing your literally knowledge, the question was directed…
  • without giving an exact time, can you give us an estimate how long it will be minimum?
  • I guess part of the hackers and duper give revenue to the game, that's why they still free in the game, i still think nexon would get more revenue if it was like KMS, where they count more on people than some that buy lots of nx, but anyone know if …
  • With that power would come a LOT of responsibility. Though that's partially what GMs were supposed to be for. Which is why you can't be a GM on a Server you regularly play on. So really they need to hire more GMs or make a new position for public re…