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April 22, 1989


  • Whelp, literally ten minutes after posting this, I messed around in Afterlands for a bit by: clearing out all the re-doable quests in the Land of Contemplation, then made it night, made it rain, stopped the rain, made it day again, and on just a whi…
  • Having the same issue. Click on Create New Character, and instead of being able to select a character class it acts like I'm selecting the character I've hovering over, prompts me to enter my PIN, and that's it. Any word on how to fix this UPDAT…
  • Aggraphine has the right idea tbh. The buff pets aren't that much of a boost, so I only really ever buy them if one, I can afford it without it being a big deal, two I think they're cute, and three, I have a perm pet in any one of the characters tha…
  • I'm one level away from completing the step-up challenge so I'm down for helping anyone else who might need it! If you need Nett's or any other pq for the later quest (I think it's in the 130's) and you're on Windia, just hit me up on either my main…
  • Yeah it's tough. I'm pretty happy with the server merger tbh but I think that's happening later this year? Don't quote me on that though. So right now getting an Ursus raid together is like pulling teeth OTL Heck, just getting people to do Nett's wi…
  • So most people play on the left side of the keyboard, but I'm a rebel I guess? (I played old school Tomb Raider at the same time I started Maple so I made it a similar play style XD)