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August 18, 1988
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MSEA player, just hanging around.


  • woooaaahh heck these are great! Where do you even find background like that to shoot in. The environment suits EunWol well, and the makeup fits too. I don't know who decided on the shots, whether you or the photog, but it was good directing there. T…
  • an update: two of the participants are done with their cards! 0: The Fool – Zero http://satsuha.tumblr.com/post/155371666326/ XIV: Temperance – Afrien and Mir http://pronouns-and-polearms.tumblr.com/post/155178812293/
  • ooohh YES KNIGHTS OF CYGNUS REPRESENT!! awesome man.
  • some of the bugs and crash issues you brought up are also happening frequently in MSEA. i get the feeling many of this issues stem from the original Nexon korea game codes, and then all the localised companies have to clean up their own crap. Nexo…
  • Its incredibly hard to find a party for unpopular bosses, and Arkarium is one of the most unpopular (possibly only hard hilla is more unpopular than him because of her cage nonsense). whelp i guess i can count myself fortunate to have family member…
  • what's wrong with getting a party to boss with? this is an MMO after all. idk bout you, but i love ark for being so generous with dropping suspicious cubes, honour and a bunch of crafting items
  • I'm still not a fan of seeing my character's exp bar stretch all the way across my screen though. It should be made the same size as the hp and mp bars. same. not used to seeing my hp and mp in the middle, and a little too unnoticeable amidst the r…
  • So Blaze Wizard? Best skills? Have you ever played a Blaze Wizard? It's literally "hey you job advanced, you get ONE MORE FIREBALL!!!" dont diss the giant fireball man. it is pretty fun to use and real useful in bossing too. anyway, speaking of OP,…
  • render in the context of art, means to add more details such as shading, colours, texture, lighting etc. template! PSD will be sent to artists. and back of card design =33
  • You mean have somebody else color my drawing? Well I'm not against it. I can definitely save an uncolored version in case it's necessary. or you render @phantomsaria 's work since s/he says s/he can't colour. but it was just a random blurt, you do…
  • oh crap that's a lot of effort to render it, well done!
  • why dont you get more comments damn. anyway, good grasp of poses and anatomy. i think your work will look better with cleaner lineart and varying line thickness. you can also try colouring your lineart, like locking the transparency of your layer…
  • Very nice. I can't draw, so I just see how other people draw instead. can draw, and still good to see what other artists produce. keep up the good work miss!
  • I would love to see the end of this. I'd join, buuuuut I can't color worth half a dang. Best of luck, post results! you do draw decently tho. and it s not like traditional art isnt okay. I think your coloring is fine. I 'can't color' either, but I'…
  • Warrior The brave and mighty warrior. Your resolve knows no bounds, and you are always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. One swift strike is all it takes to smite your foes.
  • take dimensional mirror to Jipangu. Take the bird transport to 6 path crossway and go to Interdimensional Portal
  • because Zero starts at 100. everyone else starts at 1 or 10
  • thank you for your feedback. I've put it into action. Application deadline: 19 December 2016 Assignments release: before 22 December 2016 Submissions due: 31 January 2017 Please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/AVMXl5nuBXjKKY3w2 As there are a fix…
  • apparently there an unscheduled maintenance for some new issue. oh, dw, msea is going through the same
  • meanwhile, eunwol is controlling stage lighting and curtains. safe from the actual stage itself. there s a good side to being forgotten after all.