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December 9, 1993


  • I'm sorry, but this entire post is just completely wrong. We have posted out strife on the forums, reached out and encouraged others to do the same. We have tried to come together as a true community to try and work together with you(Nexon) and alle…
  • Remove the limit. Let us have fun for once. Many players came back for the 5th job advancement, and you dare limiting us by this? What about the potential stamps that people would like for their obtained items? What about people who want to get eve…
  • Remove the box limit. NOW. There's no kind or a neutral tone to bring to this, because the removal of the limit was just the most ridiculous move you could have made! Why must you limit the players who are actually grinding and spending heaps of tim…
  • Also, a reminder... Nexon NA may have some coders, but that doesn't mean they can fix things easily. Sometimes they need to wait for Korea/Japan for their fixes.
  • Shame it happened so abruptly, my friends are asking me to keep them updated on the news. Please try to fix it soon. We're aching to play and I finally get to join in on something my friends are playing.
  • Just relax, put on some music and clean your room,house or bike, go eat,make coffee....there sooo many things you can do while waiting but we ant to plaaayy Just be patient. All of us want to play right now but all we can do is be patient and hop…
  • In my 10 years of playing this game off and on, I'm used to these kind of extended maintenances. It's needed, and do know that some things are not within the GMS team's power to fix. I've seen situations like this happen with other games where the t…