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December 9, 1993
  • An open letter to Nexon

    I'm sorry, but this entire post is just completely wrong.
    We have posted out strife on the forums, reached out and encouraged others to do the same. We have tried to come together as a true community to try and work together with you(Nexon) and alleviate these issues.
    Not even close. What HAS been done is hundreds of hate-filled messages not concerned with bringing the community together, but tearing it apart. Furthermore, you haven't tried to work with Nexon at all. More of a "you need to do this and this and this and this and this and this and..." with no attempts to help in any way.
    After all of these maintenance, the number of glitches and bugs seem to stay the same, hacker's are still going seemingly unpunished, bosses are continuously breaking.
    This is blatantly untrue. The number of glitches and bugs has been reduced dramatically (read the recent update notes, please...), hackers ARE getting punished (although it can't be seen since the list of the ones banned hasn't been posted), and they are working on the boss issues (seriously, how fast do you expect fixes?).

    Then of course, you bring up the issue of the boxes. This is indeed a problem, but then you follow it up with a mushy, over-the-top thing about "the holidays being about love", while you and the entire forums seem to HAVE no love (or care or joy) for anyone affiliated with Nexon. That's just straight hypocrisy.

    If you really want things to get done, here's what REALLY needs to be done, from the perspective of the real world (which everyone here seems to forget exists):

    1) More workers for Nexon - this can only be done if Nexon has the money to pay their workers.
    2) More positive support from players - this will both keep both current workers WANTING to continue and encourage more workers to join.
    3) More help from the players - I'm talking report EVERY hacker, botter, advertiser, bug, glitch, etc. I KNOW people need to do this more. If every botter/hacker was reported and every bug/glitch posted in the forums, things would get done far faster.

    If you really want more joy from the holidays, YOU will have to work for it, instead of sitting on your computer doing nothing.
    Gonna point out something with the bolded pats.
    Players cannot give out positive support if they are being made unhappy. There's a balance that has to be kept, and Nexon isn't quite making an effort on keeping their players happy. More happy players = more players which in turn means more money. It is simple as that.

    If the boxes stayed unlimited, people would've probably bought 2x drop coupons! Imagine what kind of money that'd be!
    Or bought pets to make the looting easier! Those two things are things that could or would happen if the boxes stayed unlimited. Sure, it might seem "unfair", but Nexon is a corporation. So I'd assume they want our money.

    Also, may I point out that we're limited to 10 reports a day? I'd gladly report every botter and hacker that I see, don't get me wrong. But when you're limited, you rather not report everything you see as it'll feel like it will be in vain.
  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Dec 1, 2016

    Also, a reminder... Nexon NA may have some coders, but that doesn't mean they can fix things easily. Sometimes they need to wait for Korea/Japan for their fixes.