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  • I live chatted Nexon earlier and told them the problems. One of the GM's (Llaust) said the following: "Sorry for the delay. We have received similar feedback from other players regarding the limitations. Our Game Team has been made aware of this an…
  • meh once again nexon has ruined a good thing, they dont care they say they do but they dont, no gm will comment about this on the forum we wont hear anything more about this the best you can hope for is they dont cut the coin limit down to 5 lol bu…
  • You would think it being a Christmas event they wouldn't mind being generous for once. Wow people are so ungrateful they are already allowing you the privilege of keeping them employed what more do you want? for them to actually care about what pla…
  • got the same message pretty much lol, the usual nexon message of "screw you and shut up" they wont say anything more about this just you see, send more tickets and have them shut down with no response, no announcement, no gm posting on a forum t…
  • Guys just be thankful we have had our accounts unbanned even if some players are hellbanned now. We can consider the lost of potentials and missing compensation as nexons due for us being such good paying customers but no really I think that they ar…
  • I'm sorry to say this guy's but I'm pretty sure we are all screwed I'm missing alot of unique as well but with nexon track record they won't fix it and if we keep complaining your account will be unexpectedly re banned again happened to me before w…
  • i think i see a pattern here last time they screwed up my account they decided to wait 6 months to answer my ticket and by that time they told me i have quit the game because they took 6 months to reply and loosing close to 100k nx was just plain st…
  • does it count as playing that i use a lvl 200 bt to afk with me during boss runs w/ auto hp/all cure and i just use it for buffs o.o