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  • Welcome back to maplestory. Depends on what server you were thinking of since theres reboot, bera and scania if you were thinking about population. Reboot well has potential and enhancements like the regular servers but not scrolling. As well as the…
    in hey :o Comment by gather September 2020
  • Keishuo wrote: » That is really bad if they didn’t do anything wrong. Were they both eventually unbanned? My guildie is still not unbanned.
  • Sanpai wrote: » Nexon doesn't wanna work hard. My friend got perma banned for just AFKing in town. They said he was hacking at the time of the ban, which i was there right next to him lol. Other friend got perma banned because she was sharing ac…
  • This feels more of a rant rather then a suggestion feedback.
  • Mercedes4Ever31 wrote: » I'll get straight to the point but this cannot continue. There's an individual in Henesys that has been harassmenting over 30+ people, yes 30+ people, including me and my friends. He's using multiple accounts and compu…
  • I have found reboot to be laggy though when playing. Double Miracle time has always been laggy. I have never lagged during double miracle time in Bera though. Though the purchase limits well sounds better then past ones as even though they may h…
  • Its not just omega sector though. Did see even at dark wyverns star force map. Been seeing mihille, kaiser and mercedes hackers
  • Have you actually sent in a ticket?
  • You do realise you could of done the easy mode Magnus at Heliseum Reclamation HQ from the Magnus Simulator instead of killing normal Magnus to clear the the Magnus killing quest for fifth job. I did ask my friend he says it only registers if you ki…
  • Flowerdew wrote: » After installing the update, can't login with the comment "the concurrent users in this world have reached the max, please try again later" ? If you mean Bera then yes. Tried 3-4 times and it came up with that message.
  • I've put below a video url below that might help with number 3. https://youtube.com/watch?v=ULZJUJWqkX8 This url is a guide arcane river erda spectrum. To get your three quests that are daily talk to the npc Rona you can change your daily que…
  • I suggest you reread the Code of Conduct.
  • Duping going around in Scania I think that would be the same for most servers except for Reboot. I know Bera had some crashes earlier today in some channels
  • Hopefully there is less lag and channels crashing after this server check
  • Hmmmm I thought the game started lagging since the v patch. Though there has been lag spikes which can lead to you dcing lately.
  • So you made a thread to ask if it's coming back, without even checking if it's currently available? Got confused by the npc in town to be honest, plus my old guild master was asking. Wasn't sure if that content was removed or not. Only clues found o…
  • I am not certain either. I never cared too much for GPQ, but from what I remember, it was indeed removed, but was later returned. It had not been updated so it became something of a joke (due to the things you listed, as well as how easy the forme…
  • Geez, 3sets at once? imagine all the %pdr we could get! Just hope we can still twice click in monsters just like today, don't wanna be ripped at 49f in oz ;\ Flaws with having 3 sets at once is some people will complain for example so and so can't …