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[Reebot] What if we could pass equips through the storage? I mean they are mine, I got/dropped em Or make it so the monsters, bosses, boxes ONLY give us the equips from our classes.. Sometimes I do like Madman Ranmaru, 100% pot rank up from RA boxes, for example, and i get a cool flamed equip. Then I'm like, oh i could use that on my mule/link up until 150, 200 or 210 (w/e) it would be fine, but i can't pass my own equips that I earned to my mules to help my solo progression PS: First post here even though I'm a old player (since 2010), so yea maybe i still have that mindset from normal servers of gearing up then create a char. I've always been f2p so when i switched to reboot it was the best thing i've done because is so much easier to get stuff (i was stuck on my 215 epic gear main farming gollux labirinth for master craftsman cubes lol), but there is this thing that bothers me, i really want to not waste the few other class weapons i end up getting that are usefull to low lvl chars


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  • I am a experienced player, since around 2011. But i started playing on reboot (returning after a 3 years break) on the first day of the Pixel Event, about 3 months ago. Did a daily routine every single day. Truly, i missed about 2-3 on the entire pe…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » The very purpose of reboot is to build up each character individually. Yes, mesos and etc/use items can be transferred but that's not as big an effect as being able to just deck out every mule in cra gear via your main. And it …
  • Fuhreak wrote: » It should not and hopefully will not, ever happen. One of the biggest appeals of Reboot is that if you see a high level character rolling around with whatever gear, you an be sure that character earned it. If you want item tradi…