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  • TwilightHime wrote: » Fuhreak wrote: » Think of it like a bad fuse. You know exactly what it is when someone reports that the power went out on a certain floor, you know exactly how to fix it. But the actual underlying issues would cost so much…
  • Bumping this, same thing happens with pathfinder(Any character class). Must press ` to be kicked off the server due to this bug preventing me from interacting with quest or anything.
  • Drakeos99 wrote: » What about people who's on Reboot (can we use cash shop to xfer them or coupon?) You cannot transfer equipment in reboot server.
  • Once again, this is Global Maplestory forums. No you cannot use MSEA Downlaoder to play MapleStory Thailand. Thailand Maplestory Download files: http://download.nxfs.nexon.com/download-launcher?file=NexonLauncherSetup_TH.exe&client-id=387442…
  • Nuttawet wrote: » When ever i wanted to start MapleStory South East Asia (MSEA) Playpark Downloader, I always get this error message, http://i66.tinypic.com/29glxzt.jpg , why is that and how to fix this problem? MSEA has blocked Thailand from t…
  • on the june 26th maintenance day
  • Fuhreak wrote: » iArrowZ wrote: » is it the code? is the people behind the scenes just being lazy with patching the game up ? do you just not care cuz people are still spending money? ( i no longer support the game with my money or time at the…
  • MorningAfterSeven wrote: » Come on guys, remember when we had a 6 hours patch that turned in a 24 hours one? Get some sleep, paint, read a book, find a partner. I remember the day when all nexon servers were down more then 24hours.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » MorningAfterSeven wrote: » Problem here is a newbie would be literally overwhelmed by informations. You don't have time to understand what's happening that you level up, and level up, and get a job, and level up, while hundr…