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  • When ever i wanted to start MapleStory South East

    Nuttawet wrote: »
    When ever i wanted to start MapleStory South East Asia (MSEA) Playpark Downloader, I always get this error message, http://i66.tinypic.com/29glxzt.jpg , why is that and how to fix this problem?

    MSEA has blocked Thailand from their service. For Thailand MS visit MapleStory Thailand

    To Mods,

    Close this thread, as this does not belong here and his/her question has been answered.
  • Double Mega Burning Project

    on the june 26th maintenance day
  • why is the game constantly unstable for years?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    iArrowZ wrote: »
    is it the code? is the people behind the scenes just being lazy with patching the game up ?
    do you just not care cuz people are still spending money?
    ( i no longer support the game with my money or time at the moment, as much as i want to join the game and try out all these new classes)
    Yes. In the end if a game is unstable the code is to blame.
    However just because a game has glitches/bugs/etc doesn't mean that the programmers on the game are bad.
    More often than not programmers are forced under conditions which promote bad coding.
    Nevermind the fact that GMS is a clustertruck of features slapped together to give us a "unique" version of the game.
    atm i'm currently playing a game called warframe. in comparison they have significantly less people working on their game yet they hardly ever have issues.
    heck the patches are done in literally minutes (usually no more than 5 minutes) and WHILE people are playing the game.
    what are they doing that nexon can't?
    It's just silly to compare the two really. Apples to Oranges.

    Warframe is a 2013 game made by a team of people who already had a lot of experience with the engine they created the game for.
    These people are not only experienced in making games already, but most of the legwork was already done for them. (The engine)
    MapleStory is a 2003 game made by a new company on their own custom engine.
    The level of difficulty is much higher as well as code just gets messier and messier over time.

    You're comparing a game that is only 6(ish) years old to a game that is over 15 years old.
    Mindsets, Tools, workplace standards and more all play a part in how a game is handled.
    Nexon might be a giant publisher/developer of games, but that doesn't change the fact that they're still working off the original base game from back in 2003.
    You also have to consider that GMS has been developing along side though from a slightly different perspective since 2005.

    Just to let you know.

    Warframe uses an in-house engine called "Evolution Engine" and is always updated internally to meet the needs of the game(Currently they are working on updating the rendering part the engine). They are still very new to the whole mmo space.

    While maplestory does have an in-house engine, it is never updated(new skeleton animation system.and cap are just gimmicks) and running on legacy code. Between the two it's very clear who's doing a very good job at maintaining their game to run smoothly with a team of 200 workers vs a giant corporation.
  • 6/12/19 Unscheduled Maintenance Notice

    Come on guys, remember when we had a 6 hours patch that turned in a 24 hours one?
    Get some sleep, paint, read a book, find a partner. :)

    I remember the day when all nexon servers were down more then 24hours.
  • is MapleStory dying?

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Problem here is a newbie would be literally overwhelmed by informations.
    You don't have time to understand what's happening that you level up, and level up, and get a job, and level up, while hundreds of quests are popping up, plus events, plus dailies, plus "free stuff".
    Exp points + exp + quests + skills + flames + rare-legendary-unique+theme dungeons + emobs + well, the list is L O N G .
    If Nexon wants to put Maplestory back on the growing, they should make "beginner tutorial" theme dungeons, where stuff is explained slowly.

    I had quite many difficulties to grasp Maple after my return post-BigBang, and I had thousands of hours of gameplay on my shoulders.

    Do you mean like maple island that gives people the option to skip it?

    Hmm, the beginning tutorial doesn't explain much other than the basics (How to walk, attack, use your inventory, etc). Everything else is either in the star tab(Know everything guy, which does not give any explanation about the game's mechanics but is mostly about cash shop related things.) Most of the stuff I had to google or use the MapleStory Wikia page to understand some of the things.