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  • IGN: Kirumi World: Elysium
  • AlexandreFournier wrote: » AKradian wrote: » It's possible that Nexon fixed it so you can only do the attendance on one world per alliance. Although if that were the case you should have been seeing a shared event calendar and been told that yo…
  • I'm just gonna leave this here.
  • That's the MWLB (Maple Watch Leaf Brigade) symbol from ancient times where certain players had more functions to report players, but not on par with GMs. How you got that is rather strange. Any officials want to take a look into that? I'm confused a…
  • "Having trouble logging in? Try logging in at maplestory.nexon.net or visit the Nexon homepage to view support options." Oh that happens to people on the gms side too, usually I just click ok/cancel and choose another channel, and it should work af…
  • Mechanic o-o I've played almost every single class, and they dont seem to have that little symbol over their heads
  • yea, it seems like it's been going on/off sometimes you can get in just fine, other times, it's just nonstop crashing it'd be fine for a few hours or so, but then it starts up again, and i know it's not just me cuz even my guildies, alliance, frie…
  • We will be performing a scheduled Daylight Saving Time maintenance on Sunday, November 6, 2016 at 12:30 AM PDT Pacific (2:30 AM EST Eastern). We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 3 hours, concluding around 2:30 AM PST Pacific (5:30 AM…
  • Not only is the blaster fafnir weapon missing, but so is the blaster empress weapon "Lionheart Valore". Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
  • I'd also like to suggest maybe adding an NPC shop that sold class emblems (like how the Zero's temple shop sold emblems). I know it might not really be of use to some players, but there are cases where some people will accidentally drop their emblem…
  • so umm...it's october 2, and i got banned from doing water wars on my kanna, it was on the cygnus team ._. like i got the notification about "you have been banned for the HACK reason" while i was shooting someone afk in henesys, then when i tried to…