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  • JJob Change @ 200 is EXPENSIVE on reboot (461m???)

    If you do your daily ursus and maple tour you can earn that much just fine.

    Plus you're able to do 3-4 maple tour runs right now thanks to maple points being given out. 463m is nothing compared to star forcing costs.
  • One opinion on how to fix Reboot Server

    Yeah because all the people who play it would TOTALLY love that.

  • Once the pandemic is over

    bazzy wrote: »
    See, Korea has a test server that works, while our test was a complete disaster and accomplished absolutely nothing. Their base spawn is much higher than ours to accommodate for no kishin. Everything there seems to run a lot more smooth than our current GMS hellhole.

    Their base spawn actually isn't different than ours. This was something proven to be false a while ago yet it spread like wildfire.
    They grind with the same base spawn as ours, just without kishin or totems.
    I'd link the proof to this but it'd get redacted.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    ruth02 wrote: »
    Ana looking to make the maplestory game the same as kms? yes, no more post in nerf ... delete kanna or remove kishin at once, remodel frenzy totem .... remove totems fury ... increase the base respawn in mobs in all the areas ... disappear the mobs in the areas where the characters are not training

    increase the channels to 30 at once ... if nexon applies this it is obvious that the increase in the popular areas will be greater if or if

    annihilated hs and priests in party, only bishops are now effective in party for lotus for up in bosses, pqs, training ... the same with beast tammers ... they were the most abused and worse with bugs ... now kishin .. It is time for these ridiculous memos to be more serious and also fix the game once it is the worst today in maintenance, bugs, delay. gamelauncher and the instability that is the real problem .. the malfunction but for money $$, a miracle comes, there many will smile at the company and more those who have purchased equipment. everything easy in the game, a technical service only to them, and those who do not have a dollar or do not have the necessary time in the game and worse, to play maple a super cpu .. a 2d game .... but anna and the technical service there total mutis

    An entire class does NOT need to be deleted.
  • Remove Kishin

    This is absolutely the DUMBEST argument I've seen for removing a class.

    Seriously? Remove the entire class because you wanna generalize and assume that 97% of Kanna players are bots/hackers?
    How rude of you to go that far. Some of us actually enjoy the class outside of Kishin, thank you very much.

    Perhaps you should do some research before you go stating what you believe are "facts." Your 6 members in your guild/alliance of seemingly illegit players doesn't count for much either. As a Kanna main, I wouldn't mind Kishin being made into a decent skill for everyone to use instead.

    And what about frenzy totem which has YET to be touched at all? Why go so far as to suggest removing an entire class instead of nerfing the biggest problem of all?
    The players that possess a frenzy totem still benefit the most.