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  • Do you enjoy the Jett revamp?

    Do I enjoy the Jett revamp? No.

    • 4th job mobbing improved with 0 second cd Starfall. It's not an overpowered full map attack that people make it out to be and you still have to maneuver around training grounds because most maps are larger than Starfall's range. Starfall's range is smaller than it seems (it also cannot be jump casted) and its damage hit box on the top part of the animation is still inconsistent, meaning it won't hit upper platform monsters even though it looks like it should. For those who think Starfall shouldn't have a 0 second cd clearly have not leveled a Jett pre-buff. Having any sort of reliable mobbing skill is long overdue for Jett.

    • Space Walk (flash jump) nerfed. It's no longer fun to use Space Walk after the nerf.
    • Strikeforce Showdown remains unchanged. 2% activation chance is laughable.
    • Seasoned Hunter's speed max value decreased. No more 180 move speed.
    • Hero's Will: Skill has been disabled. <- Why?
    • Jett still has leftover skill points in 4th job after maxing every skill.

    My concern is that this revamp failed to wholly fix what makes Jett a lackluster class. Although Jett received plentiful stat and damage boosts to many of her skills, it feels superficial because on paper Jett seems to have gotten a lot stronger but in actuality only two of those changes are noticeable in-game: Starfall's 0 second cooldown and Jett's nerfed mobility.

    My proposed revamp:
    • Keep all the positive changes in Override's Jett revamp.
    • Revert Space Walk and Seasoned Hunter nerfs.
    • Significantly increase the activation chance of Strikeforce Showdown.
    • Give Singularity Shock an invincibility frame during its cast delay.
    • Give Starforce Salvo 20% boss damage and 20% ied.
    • Reduce cast delay between inputting two up-diagonal Vortex Cross commands.
    • Improve the consistency of Starfall's top area hitbox by slightly increasing the range towards the top side.
    • Allow the ability to jump cast Starfall.
    • Allow Jetts to equip 'Common' job equipment.
    • Separate basic attacks from Starline skills.
    • Increase the duration of buffs.
    • Remove extra skill points.
  • [MAP/NPC] Event Hall Lag

    Bumped for visibility. Event Hall is super laggy for whatever reason ever since the most recent update. Asides from that, Maplestory is running noticeably smoother than before.
  • In regards to NeoTokyoDude's now-locked thread

    Source: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/670/lessons-i-have-learned-from-the-forums#latest

    He is not entirely wrong and I actually find it hilarious that 3/4 of the known toxic people from the old forums liked Invulgo's post. Now only missing you AKradian :)
    hint: Evan, Night Lord, Dual Blade avatars

    "Harassment is ok if enough people are doing it."
    Harassment is ok because Nexon moderators don't seem to care. Should just bring the old block feature back so we can ignore those toxic trolls.

    And to Invulgo, it only takes a few seconds to realize who I am talking about considering they seem to post on every single thread bashing OP's idea / post. (By OP I do not mean specifically NeoTokyoDude. In general they seem to leave nasty comments simply because someone has a different idea or something along those lines)

    Someone needed to call them out sooner or later.
    inb4 I get rip'd by Nexon xD It was worth it I tell you that much.

    And, can you really call this sub-forum Rants and Raves if we're not allowed to you know.. rant and rave? :^) We're not not 10 year old kids ffs.
  • Forum Suggestions and Feedback

    Can you implement a thread preview via mouse cursor hover similar to the one we had in the old forum?
  • In-Game Clock

    just implement a /time command in game