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  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    vTwisted1x wrote: »
    CindereIIa wrote: »
    This needs to be quoted ^^
    No this needs to be quoted rofl.
    Hope you get banned Cinderella
    -Removed for language-

    God bless people like you.

    The part I dislike about this whole thing is the fact they ALL know what they did wrong and I've seen screen shots of them admitting to buying weapons for USD but telling each other to play it off like they didn't to the public.

    Some people who cubed the weapons for their friends probably shouldn't be banned, but the rest of them that actively took part in purchasing and using the weapons for their own personal benefit deserve the hammer. Situations like this go unnoticed by the public and Nexon far too often and these members of the community get away with murder constantly. I hope the fact that this 5th job content is so important to the future of the game, puts it in perspective for the rest of the community just how far these players will go to abuse the system then claim they are the ones trying to fix it.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    We've had Lucid since January 4th. It takes 24 Lucid clears to get one weapon.

    How is it Nexon's fault these people were stupid enough to buy obviously hacked/duped weapons?

    And before people come and try to either defend their idiot friends, or tell me how wrong and "toxic" I am and how Nexon needs to ban hackers better or something like that, save it, because I don't care. We've had Lucid for 15 weeks and, again, it takes 24 clears for one person to get one weapon. It's not Nexon's fault people were stupid enough to buy things that were blatantly hacked or duped.

    I honestly can't agree more. While I feel for you and your friends, they are complete idiots because most of them are high level members of community and I'm willing to bet none of them have a clean slate. They ACTIVELY participated in something they knew was wrong and got punished for it. If they wanna play again tell them to make a new accounts. Plus less retarded smegas. So that's a thumbs up in my book.