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  • EU Reboot server

    To Nexon: If you're not going to give us an EU server; why not prioritize fixing most of the skills in the game relying on low ping?
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    RisingRain wrote: »

    * Excuse me for grammar errors.

    I want to disagree about Gollux/Sweetwater being good.
    It makes no sense that a player can get a best-in-slot equip (Superior Gollux Earrings/Ring) without any gearing/investment but just for repeating the same content for long enough/get carried through it.
    However crafting makes sense because it'd make the crafting system actually worth using for anything other than Boss Rush Potions and Meister Cubes/Master Craftsman Cubes, and it would allow players to use equips like Dominator Pendant if they aren't able to defeat content such as difficulty 4 of Gollux.

    Commerci is also an RNG wall that you can't do anything about other than just keep repeating the same content for infinitely long.
    Transposed Sweetwater equipment is completely untradable after being used and traded once.
    If not Commerci, upgrading to gear from higher end bosses (such as Absolute Labs gear from Lotus/Damien; namely hat?) would make sense in GMS.


    About the rest of this topic: (not related to your reply, RisingRain)

    Sticking to the current systems of nebs/15 stars rather than flames/higher stars cap is bad. Changing the system would make the gear progression different, and healthier.
    You'd actually need to get the gear from Arcane River - i.e. the gloves would be better than Tyrant/SW because they'd give much higher AO stats due to the equip being level 200 and they'd get a massive boost from stars, which makes more sense because the equip is obtained from the current endgame boss, Lucid.
    All players at endgame in GMS right now stick to their duped 15 star Tyrant gear that they transpose to SW and pretty much everything looks the same. AO gives a variety to equips. Currently, all endgame equips are just prime scrolled, 15 starred and have 30%+ main potential and a 2L/3L bonus. AO would add another upgrade that pretty much everyone wants because it's a free-to-win addition and it's much harder to roll perfect flame stats on gear, you'll be VERY unlikely to see people with identical gear stats, and that's good.
  • A Better Maple: Revamp Equipment Tooltip

    I support those changes.
  • Noted Questions from the Weekly Livestream AMA

    Q: Reboot EU servers. Is it ever going to happen?
    A: This is being discussed with our game team, but we are requesting to see if it can be done in the future.
    I'd love to play a class like Blaze Wizard on Reboot but it isn't a realistic thing to do with the ping I get from my country, to the NA servers.
    If this ever happens, will we get the ability to transfer our characters from NA Reboot to EU Reboot?
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Bad change.
    Kanna's Haku's Blessing needs to be a self-buff, and maybe cut the flat m.att it currently gives in a half.
    Making Kanna unplayable is just going to make many players quit the game. Just imagine all the mad kids filling chargebacks, you guys sure do love losing clients and slowly (but surely) killing your game.