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  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    IGN: Shanochi
    World: Windia

    Title - V-Cube


    Each cubes will have it own special glowing color! (Very similar to Maple of Heroes Cubes Chair!)

    Show off your achievement after promoting to 5th Job!

    An unknown fragment fill with mysterious energy were discovered by the Empress Knight's researcher teams. In order to identify the mysterious energy being emit from the unknown fragment. The Empress Knights call for help from all maplers to collect the unknown fragments scatter throughout the maple world!

    Each cubes represent the power of five different classes category and not only this chair symbolize the power of 5th Job but also display the power of unity as well!

    Extra Note
    The special V cube will be display after completing a certain quest assigned by Empress herself as bonus! In order to obtain this chair, you must defeated the following bosses with a party of 5 different classes after promoting to 5th Job!

    How to Obtain the First Five Cubes
    Accept the following quests and defeat the following bosses with a party of 5 different classes (Warrior, Archer, Thief, Pirate, and Magician) in any modes! (Easy, Normal, or Hard) to receive the following cubes!

    1) Empress - Pirate Cube (Accepted the quest called "Pirate's Nemesis"
    2) Arkarium - Bowman Cube - (Accepted the quest called "Bowman's Precision"
    3) Magnus - Warrior Cube (Accepted the quest called "Warrior's Willpower"
    4) Hilla - Magician Cube (Accept the quest called "Magician's Knowledge"
    5) Von Leon - Thief Cube (Accept the quest called "Thief's Swiftness"

    How To Obtain the Hidden V-Cube
    To obtain the hidden V-Cube, you must accept a quest called "Unknown Fragments". The quest will ask you to obtain 2016 Cube fragments and convert it into a mysterious cube fill with V-Energy! The fragment can be found throughout the maple world! (The number 2016 indicate 5th job release year for GMS)

    Cube Fragment

    Hidden V-Cube (Cash Shop Item)

    The hidden V cube will be display along with the 5 other cubes after obtaining the item called "V-Cube"! It can be turn On/Off.

    So.. what are you waiting for? Team up, show off your V power, and take down the powerful dark forces within the Maple World!
  • We're collecting art!

    Round 2. I went full lazy mode.


    Those Jordan V-Shoes though.
  • We're collecting art!

    "pull up some random old stuffs"

    LET GO


    Can you take a guess which classes is this?
  • Substantially increase the drop rate on rice cakes

    Bud, the event just started. Give it a while. You get coins from the envelope things that appear over your head every now and then too.
    How does the event just starting have any impact on how low the drop rate is, and how many you need to max out? Better to bring it up now than later.
    I agree, the drop rate is too dang low... it took me like 2-3 hours to max it out (included DIPQ + Evo Lab + Kiritas/World Tree Dailies). Not to mention that the upgrade chances from getting A > S is 30% chance.
  • Lost Hope...

    To be honest, some of the GM are very nice and who willing to take actions. I guess it really based on who you communicated within inside the community and through the services.

    Disclaimer: I'm not promoting for Nexon.