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  • Unplayable

    Naoki wrote: »
    Am I the only one who wants an unschedualed maintnance to come? Literally unplayable for me.

    You arent the only one. Constantly keep dcing during the Lach PQ. Its really heartbreaking :(
  • Trainer's Command Quest

    Guys If you still have an open ticket, be sure to email them back. I had to do that yesterday and a GM had to log into my account then manually add the skill into my skill tab.
  • 3 pet equip quest BUG - no Follow the Leader skill

    Still here waiting for a fix Nexon... Y'all really need to stop selling the 3 pet packages in the CS. Its false advertisement. We can't use em and haven't been able to since December.
  • Known Instability Issues - 2/2

    Saygo wrote: »
    Hi Maplers,

    We are aware that after today's unscheduled maintenance, some players are still experiencing server instability and disconnection issues. These issues include players not being able to select a world in the world selection screen, and "ID is already logged in" errors.

    We are currently investigating these issues and will provide updates as soon as we have them.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this is causing. Thanks for your patience.

    -The MapleStory Team

    How about you guys fix the Trainers command quest? The fact that people are constantly throwing money at your company for content that is broken/glitched is like robbing us blind.You continue to add in 3 pet packages KNOWING that players can not complete the quest to use all 3 pets. Y'all have known about this issue for months now but refuse to fix it.
  • Follow The Lead Pet SKill Trainer's Command Quest

    myyybaad wrote: »
    Fix the "Trainer's Command" quest that gives you the skill to equip multiple pets. There are quite a few people who are experiencing this glitch. People are wasting NX to buy a "pet snack" not knowing it might not work for them.

    This is really starting to get annoying. Wasting $15 on something you can't use is robbery. And they continue to add in more 3 pet packages into the cash shop KNOWING that this is still an issue. Get it together Nexon.