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  • Anyone else think this was a bad anime event?

    Yeah, this event is a complete waste of time. Hyped to holy heck and was embarrassingly disappointing in a spectacular fashion that only Nexon can fail in.

    After the second day I completely lost interest. I got 9 honor exp and 50 spell traces for my trouble. No thanks.
  • Old Maplestory nostalgia?

    There are so many memories way to many to recall but I will list a few...

    1) Fighting Iron Boar in Pig Beach as a lv 20 warrior was hell. But with a few of my magician buddies to conquer it ( 1 was an aspiring cleric and 1 was an aspiring ice lightning mage) the boar was conquered.

    2) Exploring the evil eye cave with friends, dying to a Jr Balrog after not knowing anything that was in the deepest regions of Sleepywood. Then training in the Ant Tunnel becoming mesmerized from the music loosing track of time.

    3) Staying up for 48 hours pushing my Cleric to 70 to catch up to my friends who were close to 80.

    4) Dying in Orbis because my warrior was way under-leveled and it was just introduced.

    5) Having my then level 15 warrior find out that the path between Henesys and Elina has Golems on the bottom on one of the maps, then jumping in thinking that I can take them out for good exp, only to see me "miss" a whole lot then die. Then saying in the chat "I died to a bunch of robots in Henesys". I had no idea they were actually Golems lol

    6) Making a guild for the first time with friends.
    I agree with all of these.

    Also - the first time they had the easter event with the eggs with legs. I was a low level I/L wiz and those things would torture me. I'd try to get up a ladder and they'd just kick me and kill me.

    I miss the huge sense of community. When people would just hang out on boards and chat.

    Ant Tunnel was a blast.

    I remember the first time I finally found sleepywood. Damn, that was hard! I remember going nuts trying to find it. I really felt like I had accomplished something.

    The first time I found El Nath was another big one for me! I felt like I found something amazing. Although the penguins on the lower level of Orbis Tower made it hell for me to get there! Then I got to El Nath and I couldn't kill anything and I had to try to find my way back but I was lost and I couldn't get back. I was asking for help and some random Thief took pity on me and told me he'd show me the way back to Orbis. So he partied me and hit me with Haste, which I had never seen before and I was such a nublet that I couldn't control my character! I just remember him making the F6 face in Orbis tower as I repeatedly either jumped over platforms and fell, or ran off them by accident. I had no idea what was wrong with my character!

    I really enjoyed the walking from one city to another when I couldn't afford to use the taxi as a nub. Making my way from Lith Harbor, to Henesys, to Ellinia. I don't know why, but there was something fun about that. The new maps just kill any sense of exploring.

    I remember finding pig beach and that was huge for me. That was before every single secret portal in Maple was highlighted so you had to find it by accident or be told by someone in the know.

    I think Nexon never really understood what made Maple so great and it shows in Maple's current incarnation. Also, Nexon's blatant lack of respect for its users also killed a lot of the fun for me. I remember making a guild, and building it up until I had about 50 members. I had a private website for the guild, and a forum for guild members to hang and sell stuff. I put a ton of work into it and when the guild hack happened it really took a lot of the wind out of my sails. Especially with how Nexon handled it. I filed a ticket (as I'm sure hundreds or thousands did) and Nexon replied by giving me a Million mesos and closing the ticket. Basically telling me, "Here's some mesos that don't even cover the cost of what it was to make your guild. Now get lost..." I slowed down a lot with my playing after that.

    Then when Big Bang happened, that kind of finished everything off for me. Seeing how Nexon had no clue and that the game was only going to get worse killed a lot of what was left.

    Also...I got hit with that inactivity hack or whatever it was on another account. When I slowed down my playing after the guild hack and big bang, I had an account with a high level character that I didn't touch for like a year. Then eventually I did log on to that account for some reason and my main on that account had been cleaned out. I was really bummed about that because he had a great chair that my girlfriend had given me and that was gone. All my mesos were gone. Most of my equips were gone. He was my first ever character on Maple, so he had some things that were sentimental to me. Including a chromi that I was stupid enough to buy a name tag for from the cash shop when I was nub enough to not realize how soon you upgrade wands when you're low level. So I got hit with that hack, too.

    I still play but nothing near what I used to. It's like I want to play out of nostalgia but there's really nothing there nostalgic as everything's been changed so it's weird. It's like things are familiar but they're not. I still play though here and there and mostly just bemoan how there's a complete lack of community. And how there's almost no one online when I do play. I can go for hours before seeing someone in Windia on any of the channels other than 1. It never used to be like that before Big Bang.

    There was a certain magic in the original Maple. Nexon never understood that and thought only that if they made things easy, and just crammed it full of content then the game would get better. And I think to a degree they still don't get it. It's like the CEO of a company not understanding why his company is tanking because he's listening to his managers. Meanwhile the bottom tier office plebs and workers, who have been complaining to the managers about what's wrong just get ignored because managers never listen to the plebs anyway.

    Nexon's official motto has become, "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is."