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Beast Tamer main, 210+, Elysium. I play the stuff nobody else play... and then complain on why its hasn't been updated since launch! (I do love Monad). I hope Nexon will fix the game soon.
  • my world is gone

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Penguinz0 wrote: »
    Lol there was a world merge dude. You could've checked four servers to see where ur characters were. Instead, u r throwing a rage fit without even searching for ur character for 1 minute lol

    Too much work. Easier to spend more time closing the game, coming to the forums and typing an angry post than to check a whopping four different servers for your characters. You think people actually have the time for that? Approaching things reasonably? Not when there's misplaced anger to throw at nexon!

    I'm going to play devil's advocate and say that for a player who comes back after who knows how long and finds their world gone the obvious first thing they are going to think is that they have lost all their progress. Seems that there is no message box or email or anything that tells you that a merge has happened either, would be nice because the game does very little to explain how things are working and the site doesn't mention clearly anything about the world merge for returning players.
  • 2nd burning charcater

    If it is of any aid you can get the Onyx Maple set from the event shop and that has pretty much the same look and stats as the Frozen set without the set effects.
  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Penguinz0 wrote: »
    Love how you say you want new players to join in on this game, but still go nx lawyer on this gollux patch which will most definitely bring down the number of new players.
    New players won't be spoiled by this boss already. It won't affect them at all as they won't know what they were missing.
    They will find out if they stick long enough, even more when there a little alternatives that offered that boss in power, like the Ghost Ship Badge. Because you need 1 month to get one item and a few more weeks to fully scroll it its very possible no one will ever do Gollux again. Why spend 1 month of a super difficult daily boss when your guild carry can get you through Lotus/Mien and get you full Absolab by playing just once a week?
    "BIS items should be from a boss on that level"? Ok, then let's buff the living $hit out of chaos vonbon and pierre, and only give 1 denaro per day for commerci reward.
    Buffing the Absolab overall would be a better soultion.

    The logic makes sense does it not? "Boss had BiS item, better make it impossible for lower end players to beat". Thats the idea we are getting here, unless it was a serious mess up from someone.
    Beating CRA is hard enough and between CRA and Absolab the gap is way to big. Buffing CRA would be a better option in general, not just with this Gollux case, at least that would upset the pay to win/random cube chance aspect of the game. Also CRA gives better stats than Gollux and again, 1 day for 2 BiS armors over 1 month for unenhanced single ring, new Gollux is not balanced to KMS.
    Also Gollux was never "pathetically easy boss." Jesus, how condescending can you be? It's relatively easy boss for those with range in millions, full link skills and good legion, but it was never objectively "weak boss," with long potion use cooldown, need to move around to get rid of mobs to avoid death stack, fast AoE one hit kill pattern, and time limit to kill the forehead. It's why there were a lot of people asking for hellux carry in the gollux entrance.

    Gollux has several difficulty levels that you can climb through, you could easily get two of the superior items without ever even touching the head.
    Then for the drop only equips you could easily scale yourself up as you gained the DPS to handle it.
    Back when I was actually using this broken equipment he was one of the first bosses I solo'd.
    A very predictable pattern which was easy to dodge, a safespot on a platform for cheesing and a quick burst down on the gem.
    He was pathetic. All you needed was enough range to burst down the crystal, which is an artificial DPS Check, the only "hard" part about this boss.

    Getting a fully scrolled superior with just Easy Gollux was possible, but nobody did it that way because it would take a month or so to do so. Like now. Gollux was fine for a boss that starts at 140. His equipment is plenty powerful but required a long grind, but wasn't neither too long or egregious to get bored. With Gollux now whats the point of even doing it when the payoff is pathetic?
  • Is it worth playing MS right now?

    Sonnen wrote: »
    I've never played MS before and I'm curious to give it a try. Would anyone say it's worth it? How's the player population??

    Give it a try, its not a bad game. I've had fun with the years I've played. Population is not that good though most of the stuff you do is solo these days so it doesn't hurt that much.
  • Illium Disconnect Bug

    Crystalline Wings alone can cause disconnections, and has been that way since release. The only solution so far is to not fly, which sucks as Illium.