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  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    shavit wrote: »
    * Excuse me for grammar errors.

    I want to disagree about Gollux/Sweetwater being good.
    It makes no sense that a player can get a best-in-slot equip (Superior Gollux Earrings/Ring) without any gearing/investment but just for repeating the same content for long enough/get carried through it.
    However crafting makes sense because it'd make the crafting system actually worth using for anything other than Boss Rush Potions and Meister Cubes/Master Craftsman Cubes, and it would allow players to use equips like Dominator Pendant if they aren't able to defeat content such as difficulty 4 of Gollux.

    Commerci is also an RNG wall that you can't do anything about other than just keep repeating the same content for infinitely long.
    Transposed Sweetwater equipment is completely untradable after being used and traded once.
    If not Commerci, upgrading to gear from higher end bosses (such as Absolute Labs gear from Lotus/Damien; namely hat?) would make sense in GMS.


    About the rest of this topic: (not related to your reply, RisingRain)

    Sticking to the current systems of nebs/15 stars rather than flames/higher stars cap is bad. Changing the system would make the gear progression different, and healthier.
    You'd actually need to get the gear from Arcane River - i.e. the gloves would be better than Tyrant/SW because they'd give much higher AO stats due to the equip being level 200 and they'd get a massive boost from stars, which makes more sense because the equip is obtained from the current endgame boss, Lucid.
    All players at endgame in GMS right now stick to their duped 15 star Tyrant gear that they transpose to SW and pretty much everything looks the same. AO gives a variety to equips. Currently, all endgame equips are just prime scrolled, 15 starred and have 30%+ main potential and a 2L/3L bonus. AO would add another upgrade that pretty much everyone wants because it's a free-to-win addition and it's much harder to roll perfect flame stats on gear, you'll be VERY unlikely to see people with identical gear stats, and that's good.

    I don't remember making that reply, so that must have been a while ago.

    You get 2 out of the 4 pieces from doing that, yes. I don't think you need a carry to do normal or easy Gollux.
    The scaling from Reinforced to Superior Gollux items is not that large. That is a good thing for progression as Hardux is much easier than Hellux. You can stick with Reinforced gear for a while until you want to swap over to Superior. In Reboot you could cube Reinforced gear to pretty good potentials so that you can get the range needed to eventually do Hellux consistently. It wouldn't even be wasted as Reinforced Gollux items can be/are BiS for drop gear. That is gear progression.

    Arcane dailies are a perfect example of doing the same content over and over until you level it up. Arcane Symbols are BiS, obviously, and matters a lot more to damage output in Arcane River than the difference between Superior and Reinforced gear. While Superior Gollux gear is hard to get unfunded, Reinforced is not and provides very comparable stat gains. In the regular servers Reinforced isn't worth anything because Hellux is easy - but that also means that you can get pretty decent and comparable Reinforced gear for much cheaper than Superior items as there's almost no buyers for it.

    KMS just made it so getting Meister crafting/smithing is worth something. You have to keep up Meister rank and its decay, which means there will be sustained demand for crafting materials if players want to use that 5% critical damage buff or an extra life in difficult endgame bosses. Dominator Pendants are quite difficult to craft, and the scrolling of them requires Protection Scrolls in case the scrolls blow up which is not cheap. In Reboot, the scrolls don't exist, but obtaining the crafting materials is quite difficult in any server. When's the last time Ark dropped a Primal Essence for you, much less 5? Confusion Fragments are also quite rare as well.

    Commerci is no more of an RNG wall than farming Arcane Droplets is, or waiting for Ark to drop his Primal Essences / if you're very lucky, his pendant. While there are not deterministic rewards like Arcane Symbols, many endgame Reboot players have SW sets, or are in the process of obtaining them. Transposed SW in Reboot is super endgame anyway, and is not even a factor until at least 10* on pretty much every Tyrant piece minus the glove.

    The Arcane set as a whole, even with 25 star cap and flames, is not any stronger than a 15* transposed SW set. A transposed SW set has very comparable raw stat to a flamed 22* Arcane item, assuming the player CSS and primes the slots back after the 14* SW falls to 11 stars or below. Transposed SW set items have higher attack than a 22* Arcane item, and the Arcane set effect is substantially weaker than the SW set effect. 25 stars is problematic because there would have to be a hardcoded exception in the game to disallow the 25 star cap with transposed SW items. I fail to see how that's possible with the current game system since the Superior tag doesn't even transfer when transposing to SW. If such a tag was to be added onto newly transposed SW items after an update, there would be many legacy transposed SW items that would be able to hit 25 stars. 22* transposed 15* Tyrant SW is so much stronger than the full Arcane set at 22* it's not even funny. If that could be fixed though, I don't see much wrong with 25 stars as it's a good meso sink and provides gear comparable (but not superior) to the default 15* Tyrant set. Even if the equivalent Arcane pieces aren't as strong as their Tyrant equivalents, it would provide a significantly larger incentive to switch to an Arcane weapon, hat, and shoulder which is better than could be said now as they are only marginally better than current BiS at endgame.

    Flames do add stat variation, but I fail to see how flames in their current state could be ported to GMS as they are in KMS. KMS flames work because there are sufficient materials and high-level crafters around to provide a steady supply of Rainbow/Fierce flames from disassembling boss flames. Rerolling the top end flames was hardly F2P material back when EMS was its separate region, and I fail to see how our current population could create a sustainable market for flames other than making the top-end players even stronger. The vast majority of gear that exists in GMS would only be rerollable with crafted or event flames, while the crafting materials for creating flames would be worth a staggering amount just like it was in EMS. An example of that is in current GMS - only the richest can afford to buy cubic blades and chaos cubic blades to craft cubes, while everyone else is stuck with the few they get from drops. Similarly, in MSEA, flame and cube availability is very closely tied to number of botters because of its low population which is not healthy at all.

    If your suggestion is for F2P players to simply wait for mobs to drop some well-flamed items, then that player would not be able to cube. star force or spell trace it until they found a satisfactory one, or then they would waste a lot of resources doing this for multiple iterations of mob dropped gear. Ultimately while it raises the damage of the absolutely destitute players (flames do provide decent stats if you're just trying to level a mule or so), it's at best neutral for mid-funded players if not competitively negative, as the higher-end players would benefit the most from a system where crafting materials for flames are worth an arm and leg. The stat variation/additional RNG from flames would also increase the prices for endgame gear substantially.
  • the ranking image keeps messing it up by itself?

    I think it only works fine the day of/after a maintenance, but I'm not certain about that. Wonder why though.
  • Trading Premium Style Box Items In Reboot?

    Rolls wrote: »
    RisingRain wrote: »
    A 1 for 1 trade is very easily abused. There are many items in the Surprise boxes that are obviously not as desired as other ones. Unless you try to assign a "market value" to items in a 1 for 1 trade someone can trade something really rare like a Feline Blue Sleeves for a junk box item. As compensation, a trade can happen outside of the game that violates the ToS because you have something worth "value" that you have just traded. The trade can also be exchanged for carries or other services.

    This is applicable to normal servers as well, and they have their full NX trade system. There's no way to stop outside trades or anything, so this is probably the best that's possible.
    The difference is in Reboot you shouldn't be able to trade anything at all. Outside trades happen as a consequence and an acceptable drawback to allowing a free trade system within the other servers. Keeping it difficult (but not impossible because nothing is) to trade items of "value" in Reboot due to the lack of trade is a good strategy and should remain the status quo. Also from a financial standpoint - Nexon makes a lot more money in Reboot if you can't trade your junk NX items.
  • Trading Premium Style Box Items In Reboot?

    Rolls wrote: »
    krsk wrote: »
    it just seems like trying to implement a "you can trade this only" kind of thing in a server where trading is 100% restrictive seems a bit like bending the rules to suit your needs.

    NX doesn't affect progression or make anyone stronger or anything. It's just cosmetics. Implementing this feature wouldn't change the state of the game, and would more just alleviate player frustrations with RNG. But especially if it's a one for one trade, nothing is inherently gained or lost. Of course, this can by no means involve mesos, for obvious reasons.

    A 1 for 1 trade is very easily abused. There are many items in the Surprise boxes that are obviously not as desired as other ones. Unless you try to assign a "market value" to items in a 1 for 1 trade someone can trade something really rare like a Feline Blue Sleeves for a junk box item. As compensation, a trade can happen outside of the game that violates the ToS because you have something worth "value" that you have just traded. The trade can also be exchanged for carries or other services.