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    Where's the Xenon love at?
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  • Maple Memo: SavageAce Talks V

    Hi Maplers,

    We hope you are as excited as we are that 5th Job is officially coming to Global MapleStory with the upcoming MapleStory V updates! Although this content has been available in other MapleStory services, there is a lot of work being done by our teams here at Nexon America and our developers in Korea to bring this content to you. We know you’re eager to play and check out the new updates as soon as possible, so rest assured we’re working tirelessly to bring this content to you starting on November 30th!

    Some of you may wonder why it takes so long to bring over content already available. Global MapleStory has a lot of unique content that is not available anywhere else, so it takes some careful planning to make sure that unique content doesn’t conflict with the new updates. We’re also adding brand new 5th Job skills for all the extra classes Global MapleStory has. Furthermore, Localization alone is a huge undertaking, especially for the amount of updates we’re introducing these next few months. Our Localization team spends a great of deal of time and effort translating, editing, polishing, and sometimes writing new lines to ensure you all understand, and more importantly enjoy, the new content.

    As important as the 5th Job skills are, in addition to those changes, the MapleStory V updates also include a lot of system improvements, some of which are quality-of-life changes that are part of the "A Better Maple" initiative, and some are tweaks to systems to better facilitate the new 5th job skills. To give some clarification, "A Better Maple" is not only an initiative started by Global MapleStory, it’s an ongoing desire from the developers and teams all over the world to improve the MapleStory experience for all players. As we mentioned in the past, these changes are a result of players like you providing feedback and letting us know what changes you want to see. This year you’ll see:

    Inventory Slots increased to 128
    Link Skills transfer system simplified
    Additional job groups can now share Cash Shop Inventory
    EXP needed at Levels 1-200 has been lowered
    Maximum stack count for several items has been increased 10x
    Name changes now instantaneous
    Auction House added
    Damage Cap removed
    Max level restriction for certain content removed
    EXP loss from being defeated removed from certain bosses
    UI has been revamped with more customization
    Adjusting the restrictions for the Magnus boss fight

    These are just a sample of some of the more important changes coming to you in the MapleStory V updates. We hope you stay tuned for more updates as we dive deeper into the content for MapleStory V!

    Thank you,

    Dennis ‘SavageAce’ Bernardo
    Production Manager – MapleStory
  • Coming from EMS? Introduce yourself here!

    Hi everybody!


    I'm Dennis, your Production Manager for MapleStory.

    I, for one, welcome our new European Maplers!

    Please come in and make yourselves at home. My one rule is: You break it , you bought it.
  • [IMPORTANT] Maple Music Festival Issues

    Hi Everyone,

    Maple Music Festival events should now be working properly. Please go ahead and let us know if you continue to encounter issues with not being able to participate in the event.

    Again we apologize for the inconvenience. We do plan on extending this event until 11/1 to ensure everyone has enough time to participate and obtain the rewards they want.

  • [IMPORTANT] Maple Music Festival Issues

    Hi everybody,

    We're aware of the issue that is preventing players from participating in the Maple Music Festival events.

    Unfortunately, when we applied a fix to prevent players from getting stuck in the rehearsal exit map, we inadvertently caused the main event maps to be inaccessible. Please bear with us as we work with our developers to figure out the cause and resolve the issue.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

    -The MapleStory Team