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  • It Would be Nice to Get Free Stuff to Test Things

    So I'm a Reboot player, but because of that, I have to play on my Scanian characters that I've abandoned almost 3 years ago. Those characters have no funding, no drop rate equipment, and I didn't even get my 5th job advancement on my level 210. I'd have to wait at least 14 hours to advance on a TEST SERVER! That seems ridiculous.

    I would love to test new drop rate, Kanna, and Hayato changes, but it'd be nice to get free cubes, nodestones, arcane symbols, mesos, levels, job advancements, etc to help test these things.

    Right now, I'm limited to where and what I can test by my funding and levels.
  • Q&A Ft. MapleStory's Investigation and CS Team

    How is your communication with the devs and QA team? There seems to be bugs that persists through months like Pet Loot Lag and Arrow Blaster not installing correctly that do not get acknowledged publicly. I don't know if it's because you guys aren't able to communicate with the people who fix these bugs effectively, if you're ignorant to these problems, or if you guys straight up are not going to fix these bugs.
    We still do not know if you guys plan to fix these long standing bugs and frankly, it's unacceptable how it's been so long and there's no information or updates on them. Some of us want to move on if you don't plan to fix things.
  • Is there some hack going on with the re:zero box?

    Well I still want to know, officially, if they know and whether they're going to do something about this so I can continue leveling my union characters without any worry.
  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    n0Reason wrote: »
    SadVirgin wrote: »
    This is actually hilarious.

    You know Nexon, if you want to so blatantly not care about your community, just put the medals back in, you'll make more money that way

    That would be a step in the wrong direction. I'd rather not have the medal back.
    Just remove the frags from the NX only box. It's not licensed content, Nexon.