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  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    Absurd "event" In all my many years of playing maple this was the worst. Cant use cubes, cant move to another map, cant log in. Basically just a total freeze of the game for an hour. What kind of event is that? Bad show nexon VERY bad show!
  • Bye Bye Mesos Farming?

    I've played Maplestory since 2005, in reboot for 3 years, have a 8k+ legion and 4 characters in reboot over lvl 230. I don't even understand why people suicide farm and why they think that without it they can't play the game because they can't get mesos. I guess your progression will be slower, but if you are smart with spending the mesos you have by waiting for cube and enhancing events you dont NEED billions of mesos at lvl 150. Maplestory is a game, have fun, you dont have to get to "end game" in 2 months..... and please stop whining at Nexon about making the game harder, you sound like a bunch of little kids whining at their parents for more toys.....
  • Typical Holiday Maplestory Play experience,

    Here is a summary of what i did on Maplestory today:

    Start launcher, hit play > reboot> "runtime error" maplestory has stopped working" wait, hit play > reboot> ch 17 > char select > wait 5 minutes> end task > wait> hit play > reboot> ch 17 > char select> wait YAAAY IM IN, go to cs to get pet hit exit cash shop > black screen> wait 5 minutes > end task> wait > hit play > reboot > ch 17 > char select> wait 5 minutes > end task..................rinse repeat

    anyone else having THIS MUCH FUN!
  • Game Suggestion Survey pop-up.

    From now until when you stop this pop up everytime we change characters even though we responded 2 minutes ago YOU GET A ZERO! Fix it please!
  • My two cents

    Original post is on the mark for me. Could have written it myself except I've only played since Bera was released in 2005 :P. I am a loyal long time player, 8th player to lvl 200 in GMS, and I've been through a lot of ups and downs with Nexon over the years. I'm very sad about the way they have recently backed away from what was a very nice turn a couple years ago where they actually communicated with the players and admitted when they were wrong. I'm guessing someone in upper management needs a reality check :) Make an account, play the game awhile and see what life is like on our side of the log in screen!