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  • Maple Culture

    This thread is a microcosm of in-game maple culture and why I prefer to do most things in maple by myself.
  • maintenance going on right now

    but you guys we get 30 whole alliance medals for a seven hour + maintenance... that is like ten minutes or slightly more of farming soldier rescue that we got saved from doing.
  • Community Event Boxes? Eh...not gonna make it

    It was easy to see early on that we would get far with the kills because the game is dying because of the extreme focus on P2W has turned a lot of people off. Players feel cheated and putting an impossible goal to reach just exacerbates the problem. Whales don't care because those free items don't matter to them.

    It wasn't a bug. The scarlet ring clearly showed the multiple lines for sets in the results in the rings setup before the nerf. If it wasn't intended to do that originally they would have never added a second line to show the multiple set effects the ring applied too. It was just a scam change to get people to have to go out and spend money to obtain and make all new items or recube existing items to make up for the sudden loss in power from the nerf. No excuses or false truths are going to cover that up from either **** moderators or yes men players. I expect more of this kind of thing in the future from a company who blatantly seeks to steal my money and hard work out from under me without any compensation for the things they arbitrarily decide no longer need to function as they were originally intended. Meanwhile the game is drowning in meso sellers and botters with very little being done to solve the problem.... Nexon Global has all the wrong priorities when it comes to running this game.
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Reporting them is useless anyway. I have reported the hackers/botters and they will still be in same place hours later doing their thing without any change. The botters and meso sellers are taking over the game because Nexon has allowed them too. There is almost no region I can go to where I don't see active botting or evidence of recent botting going on. There is already huge chunks of content that is unavailable because Nexon threaten PLAYERS for expulsion from the game for gaming on the same maps as botters but there are literally one or more hackers on every map in these portions of the game. Nexon has given the players no options if they want to experience that content. Yet the player faces the wrath of company while the botters roll on unencumbered. Clean up the game already.