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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    after the last maintenance. everything remains the same .. in the same .. and worse now with thousands and thousands of hackers in the game, arks - mikahil or mihail - angelics busters - kaisers - kannas. the servers with bugs and delays full or supposedly of legal people (?) .. the changes to kanna did not help at all to the stability of the game or changes in order to re-skil the character, the emergence of pc meta 3. It is obvious and observable today, the changes to kishin as in other pathetic posts, better remove kishin and add a skil node in 5job ... but no, if a fury totem gives you 40% field for a minute a kishin of 30 sec is useless and worse for the players in reboot that today is a server of hackers and bots and the worst is whales .. characters that today take advantage of the nexon children's mistakes in each memo and future decisions, many nostalgic places were closed due to hackers and instability according to the nexon staff ... very ridiculous .. the game is years and years old and the lag problems in the servers, bugs, the worst old system, the nexon game launcher that fills all the memory leak on our pcs. they have no solution today, a miracle is coming .. hopefully with that money they will improve their server and do a good maintenance once and change decisions of the errors that today is leading the game to a deep instability against the player
  • Unscheduled Maintenance Announcement - 5/30/2017

    w happend whi t he attendance event and droid? for the player of others regions by the time? in 2 hours practically the time will not reach to realize the events of today, to cause of w much people work and study .BAD his actions... The maintenance had to wait after the reset, not 2 hours with 30 minutes for the reset of the day .....