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  • The brand new familiar system is broken now

    With the last change in the drop rates, the new familiar system does not work, here is a rundown:

    - You can no longer farm familiars in order to extract them into points, making the "Familiar Shop" completely worthless.

    - You can no longer get enough points to buy Essences to maintain your familiars working for a longer period of farm. Meaning you have a single familiar gauge per day to use.

    - You can no longer farm duplicates in order to rank them up. Meaning the FUSION system is worthless too.

    - Acquiring badges now is much much harder than before, badges like 'Starter badge' and 'Oppressor Badge' where easy ones for beginners to acquire, now they take an absurd amount of time to complete.

    I understand that the drop rate of Jr. Boogies and Fairy where much higher and needed to be adjusted, they where completely overshadowing the rest of the familiars, but only those problematic familiars should've changed, not the entire list of familiars.

    The changes made to the drop rate in the last maintenance need to be fixed, I don't think you guys want the new system to be broken like that.

    Please like or comment to bring attention to this topic.


    I am a brazilian player of MapleStory, as a old player I can access the game with no restrictions because I have a really old account from ealier 2008.
    I know Brazilians are supposed to play the European Version of the game, but the merge is about to hit our beloved game and after that there will be no restrictions for us, here in Brazil.
    However, after the today's big update, I received some report by friends that something turned off on Nexon side and we, here in brazil can now access the game with no restrictions.
    I tried to contact the support section via live-chat but they don't know anything about this, theres none information about this internal nor official.
    I don't know where else to go to find more informations about this, we have here TWO scenarios:
    1. they meant to release the IP-block and failed to anounce it or choose to not do.
    2. it's a glitch and this shouldn't be happening

    I made a new mule account and tried to enter in the game and it does work, I can access the game right now, I wonder if there's any European user in this forum that could try to log-in game in a brand new account and confirm it?

    If any community manager or ADM can get this topic to the apropriated section I appreciate. this don't really affects me but it does affect some friends and ppl in a personal community about maplestory that i run on Facebook.

    Thanks ya'll