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  • Botting in this game seems out of control

    Its not just the sheer number of hackers, Its nexons inability to patch them. To quote myself from something i said the other day
    Xeratetsu wrote: »
    The whole idea that nexon can even begin to deal with hacking problems is just that, An idea. It can be put into practical use because the entire back bone of the game is literally just spaghetti code. The only way they nexon could even begin to deal with the hacker problem is if they sort out the games code and make it actually make sense. But this in itself will never happen because going in and reprogramming the entire game is such a laborious undertaking that its almost an impossibility.

    This isnt even speculation, If the games code wasnt a giant bowl of spaghetti code, then they would have no problem patching hacks, They would have no problem fixing bugs, and they wouldnt break everything with every update.

  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    why even change the time? i've been playing ms for quite a while and it's always been PST. Changing it to UST just messes everything up. GMS is mostly US and other western countries which has it more convenient on PST. Besides, EMS merged to GMS so they should adapt our time (PST).

    Atleast it's consistent now i guess. Can anyone tell me the daily reset time, flag race times, and others now that it's gonna change? i guess i have to memorize new times...

    Reset as it currently is, will be at 8pm edt/ 5pm pdt, Flag race is at 3pm est/12pm pdt, 7pm edt/4pm pdt, and i believe one more time but i cant remember. 2x Ursus is at 4pm edt/ 1pm pdt .

    Kritias invasions are at - 4:00 (4AM) 6:00 (6AM) 8:00 (8AM)10:00 (10AM) 12:00(noon)2:00 (2PM)4:00 (4PM)6:00 (6PM) All of which are edt.

    Let it be known that all of these times will be set back an hour some time in November because of the end of daylight savings time.
  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    80% of gms's population lives in america and they choose a time zone that is 5 hours ahead at the smallest. Great choice -_-
  • GG nexon

    Nexon doesnt know how to not be [Removed] to their consumer base. At this point they just dont care about our input. They removed the medal to try and appeal to us and then just said "[Removed] you deal with it" to us by adding this is

    Moderator note: Removed foul language. Please do not attempt to bypass the censors.
  • GG nexon

    AKradian wrote: »
    Not entirely sure how this is P2W, you can buy the random boxes with meso and it won't include specific items.

    Besides, you'll need to buy a lot of boxes just to get a chance at those items, which I believe justifies its existence in Reboot.

    Don't forget the fact that there have been plenty of events in Reboot (including attendance), that have given hardworking players Unique Potential Scrolls, like the Artifact and Rocket events, which allowed you to buy a Unique Potential Scroll.

    It doesn't matter how low the chance, and it doesn't matter that these items sometimes show up through other events.
    People should not be able to pay either a fixed price or a random price, in NX, for a Unique Potential Scroll in Reboot.

    Otherwise, why not put NX cubes into Reboot's Cash Shop, alongside the meso cubes?

    Exactly this. There should be absolutely no way to buy any source of power in reboot.