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  • Thank you for breaking the silence a bit for us!

    What even is the point of the familiar shop and fusing system with the current drop rate for familiar cards? It already takes hundreds of EPIC familiars to be extracted to have enough points to purchase 1 familiar pack that doesn't even give unique familiars. Fusing is also out of the question with the current abysmal drop rate since it would take hundreds of commons to have a slim chance of ranking up to unique. Getting 10 badges is nearly impossible without dropping thousands of dollars on rng familiar packs because of the drop rate also being applied to bosses. The price tag to get the full usage out of the system is so ludicrous that I do not even see whales willing to drop the money for it.
  • Familiar Feedback and Idea

    A better system is to have all monsters drop all rank tiers regardless of level because the rank is the only thing that affects the att/def of the familiar, so there is virtually no difference between a low level mob and high level mob besides aesthetics.
    Common : High drop rate (original monster card drop rate, so bosses would drop it 100% of the time)
    Rare: Equipment drop rate
    Epic: Slightly rare ( node stone drop rate for normal monsters and 5% chance for bosses to drop)
    Unique: Extremely rare (Droplet drop rate for normal monsters and the drop rate for bosses would be 1%)

    This would solve the issue of getting boss familiars for badge collections, as well as providing players an incentive to fuse/extract their familiars. If people get a unique tier familiar and get a potential they don't like, they could simply re-roll it using the red familiar cards or purchasing/grinding for a unique tier card.
  • New Gollux still sucks, but I'm done whining

    This patch is trash in general.
    -Gollux buffed to the point where you have to have 30k+ stats to even stand a chance against it and the hit boxes are broken.
    -Familiar drop rates nerfed to hell.
    -Certain monsters in the familiar badge collection are unobtainable or had extremely low drop rates even before the so called "fix"
    -Broken potential lines.
    -Familiars not being saved properly

    This right here is how you kill your game, by making progress impossible for newcomers. I feel sorry for the new players that are joining due to the closure of MS2 and the quarantine.

  • Buff/Fix Familiar drop rate.

    Some monsters aren't even dropping their respective cards or are impossible to get because the monsters themselves got removed. If you want to get boss familiars then tough luck, you either have to spend months killing bosses to get a single familiar or pray to rng jesus so that booster packs would give the familiar .you want. I was actually pretty excited for this update since the original codex/familiar system needed a upgrade. The codex system having some sets being impossible to complete because of removed mobs and the familiar system only having a small handful of monsters having good effects. But surprise, surprise, the system was made worse because the drop rates for the familiars were kept the same, the gauge only resetting daily, the drop tables for familiars are still not updated so gl getting familiars from mobs released after the original familiar update, the badge collection includes familiars of monsters no longer in the game, and the prices for the items in the familiar shop is ridiculous. To reset the gauge, you would have to extract 34 jr.boogie familiars and if you want a booster pack you have to extract 250 jr.boogie familiars.
    So the changes I want to see are:
    *Update drop tables to include familiars for monsters that currently do not drop them.
    *Decrease the prices for the familiar point shop or increase the points obtained when extracting familiars.
    *Increase the familiar drop rate since this new system encourages players to fuse and extract familiars. There is virtually no difference between a low level monster and high level monster besides aesthetics. So why make familiars of high level monsters so difficult to obtain?
  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    _Cas_ wrote: »
    Calm down everyone.

    They are trying to do as much as they possibly can to make this event a success. Give Nexon a little slack....

    They can't just give an item away which was designed as a pay2win item, and they can't just lower the cost of the boxes to 1k per... Don't forget, it's extremely expensive for a gaming company to host a cross over event, and Nexon would need to make that money back somehow. Of course, a highly p2w item would be the first choice. That's pretty much how the game stays alive...

    I think the best thing to do, to fix the issue with Reboot medal, would be to add this medal to an NPC for Mesos in Reboot world only. Even if the price was really high, it would be affordable to those who dedicate their time to progress in Reboot. It would also keep the non-p2w state of the Reboot server, and give players the chance to obtain an event-only item, making it fair for everyone.
    They don't have to reduce the price, instead they just have to remove the non cross over related items from the boxes and make the hair coupons purchasable with nx. The thing a lot of people are upset about is that the crossover boxes do not guarantee Re:Zero items. The current rng with this discourages not only existing players like me from buying nx, but it also scares away any potential people who are joining purely for this event. Sure I can spend hundreds of dollars to get each and every item, but why waste money on pixels when I could just buy a video game console?