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  • So...who's excited for Override?

    I really really want the Synergy Grid! Then it would make grinding up trash characters to Level 200 viable! :)
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    B4 is bad enough with the conveyor+laser+recycler...

    After 25 attempts and nearly wanting to break my $150 keyboard, I quit.

    Sorry, but I don't need to break my stuff out if rage when the developers go overboard with difficulty levels because they feels they can or need to.

    I got a good heart from doing Gollux area and I have my Dr. Jang Android... I don't need this. Plus I have ADHD and have a very lower tolerance for horsecrap.

    You too? I have ADHD and I can relate. I actually hate the fact that you have to move the Droids so they don't see things and die - Aster died twice after passing in front of things that scared her. Ugh! I hope the Pendant of Spirit reward is given after you attempt the quest for five days instead of completing it and I can buy the androids without having to rescue them because I hate jump quests.
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    lapcan wrote: »
    Rng luck.

    Yeah, the Bosses and Elite mobs are going to be one of the biggest pains to getting 100% on Monster Completion. >:)

    I decided to start work on Bellocan - I deleted a bunch of Lv1 noobs that I created while I was on mushrooms and naming characters after Sailor Senshi. :p Now that it's clean, I can get to work on the usual mules and get them to Level 120 and later move them to Level 210 for Rank 3 skills and because of the future Maple Union system that will replace Character Cards.
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    Ivangold wrote: »
    I registered Scarecrow, i really wanted to register him and got lucky, still looking forward to register all bosses in oz.

    Oz is going to be one pain in the neck! Oh right, my achievements...

    Got a Kinesis and Kanna to Level 100+ on Reboot. My Kinesis is Level 113 now. Also registered a few Elite Mob on the monster collection.